Thankful for Cooling Rains and more

Tibetan Windhorse Flags from my donations to Save Tibet organized my
gratitude entries this week… nice to be back in my hand-sized journal….

Cooling Rains.

I’ve always been a fan of rain, and the heat wave breaking with cool rains was pure joy.

Tough week.

I was thinking about the filters we see our world through as I watched
the terrorism at Charlottesville and Barcelona.  Horrifying, unbelievable.
I think that is why I chose the tiny Buddhist flags this week as a base for my gratitude.

Elle Reeve.  Remember that name.

In this time of nearly non-existent MSM reporting, I am grateful for the work of Elle Reeve, the brave young woman who embedded with the Alt-Right in Charlottesville.
Without truth good people can’t make the right choices.
Her video is hard to watch (see the end of this post), but once watched,
you can see what we are up against in the USA.


I’ve been very sad about a friendship, hurt feelings (mine), and being silent.
Especially as it seems people don’t come back to work on friendships anymore, and missteps happen in the best of friendships.  Relationships are important to of my life.
A huge weight lifted because when I spoke to this friend about my hurt feelings
over her actions, she owned it, felt it, did not deflect.  I heard that.
I listened to her reasoning and we came together to continue friendship.

Caring people.

In the heat wave there were people in Portland, good Samaritans,
who made sure the homeless had water.  Gave out of their own pockets.
Seeing humanity give when government will let them die gives me hope.

I think without doing gratitude
during this week I’d be a puddle of tears….

On to Thanks for Dreams…  Intentions…
Dare I say Hope?

I give thanks for that and the little bit of hope I have that we will stop this direction the USA is heading —  pollution, greed, hatred, racism — and do more than just survive.  We have the ability to do so much more than that. and this idea of lack is what the MSM has put into our heads to fulment fear and push us to hold on and not trust our neighbors.

I give thanks for the book  I am reading,
A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster,
by Rebecca Solnit.  It dispels myths about disasters, government interference, and speaks to building community… I haven’t finished it, but am loving it.  It offers grounded hope,
and a very different world view to consider.

Mitchell and I are trying to find cool frames for our new eyeglasses,
and in the search found a nice place to eat, Las Primas.  Nothing fancy, a good eatery…
and I drew it, of course!  Opaque paints and me are not best friends, but these are the colors on the wall… what to do?  So streaky gouache-like paints it is!

To a better week after the Eclipse!

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Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook, Pentalic HB woodless pencil,
White Uniball Signo, liquid watercolors and inks in Pentel Aquash waterbrushes,
De Atramentis Document Brown ink, Robert Oster Jade ink,
Pilot Preppy pen with Noodler’s Lexington Grey Ink,
Lamy Al-Star with De Atramentis Document Black ink,
Platinum Carbon Pen with Platinum Carbon ink waterproof cartridges,
Sennelier, Holbein, Primatek watercolors and Daniel Smith Watercolors.

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4 Responses to Thankful for Cooling Rains and more

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Sometimes I am so thankful I am too busy with work to see the news. Not that I am not informed but the endless dissection of words, the judgments, the clinging to false ideals and imagined realities. I am thankful there was such an outpouring of love among your neighbors there. I think the good truly does come out in people during these times.


  2. Beth says:

    Hi! I live near Salem, so we have experienced much of the same things you have in recent days. What lovey art, and what a beautiful blog. The eclipse was full here where I live. It was an amazing experience. 😀 Have a GREAT day!


    • I didn’t know you were so close. I foolishly assumed that in Portland we’d be able to get a good experience — not. It was a bit like having smokey skies here. Thanks for the compliment; love your fairy folks!


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