New Art Journal

I’ve been so busy getting my new website live
and cleaning my studio and sorting art
*and then that pesky thing, making a living at our business*
on top of managin to keep up with World Watercolor Month,
that I stopped journaling for about six weeks.

I missed it.

Thursday afternoon at Dr. Qin’s I was having the strange experience
of seeing me write down the thoughts I was having in my journal.
*whoa, that’s a new one… i’ve dreamed of journaling before…
means I need to get up and write something down…
you can read about the thoughts from laying on my back on the pages*

I came right home and pulled out a journal so I could write about
needles in my limbs and the insanity that ensues when I am unable to move.
Stream of consciousness writing is what I do in my journal.
All the things I saw in color went onto the paper until Mitchell interrupted.
*its okay, he had to, business and all that*

When I don’t journal thoughts ping-pong around in my head.
My monkeymind could drive anyone crazy with the nagging…
*mine is worse than YOURS*
let alone making me loco in the cabeza!
*gads it makes me talk like my mom*

Also, I’ve not quite fully shared my journal with you guys.
*not nice of me to hold back, I know, but there it is*
Now I am getting ideas for art journaling classes online.
*did I mention i taught creative writing?*
The teacher in me is seeing my journaling though teacher’s eyes, with the idea of passing on the information of how I do what I do, the pep talks I give myself, and timing.
*gads it is confusing in my head sometimes*
With watercolors and colored inks it is so much more fun to keep a journal!

*i sometimes participate in Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.
you can to… it s a friendly crowd!*

To hear about classes, follow me on Facebook  or check out my new,

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4 Responses to New Art Journal

  1. simonfalk28 says:

    Love the thought of an art journal, Katie, even if I can’t do art myself. What you posted looks great 🙂


    • HI Simon… Everyone can make marks… once you dive in and start looking you see it is a lot about looking and a little about drawing and you get better the more you do it — besides, it is YOUR journal so you don’t have to show and tell! Sorry about the late replay; new journal entry tells why!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. minnemie says:

    Those yellow curtains look so real! A beautiful composition and painting.


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