Tools: Hahnemühle Carnet de Voyage (Bamboo)

Today I played with the Hahnemühle Carnet de Voyage (the Bamboo Journal).
First off, I love the cover!  Hahnemühle uses lovely pieces of art for all their covers,
and if I were to use this as an actual journal,
after removing the information tag I’d have a pretty cover to write on.

I tend to personally like bound journals, and as this is a sturdy spiral bound journal
I’d be more likely to use as a sketchbook from where I might sell or gift images.
Fifteen sheets of 265 gms/125 lb paper sized roughly 6×10-inches
is 90% bamboo and 10% rag in a natural white.
I love Hahnemühle’s green policies,
which can now be seen by the Green Rooster on the cover,
indicating they both run the company on green policies but also donate to green causes.

I picked an image wherein I was going to use several materials that I often use,
just to see what this paper could take:
masking fluids, inks in line-work and as grisaille/brunaille, and layers of watercolor!
Winna from our Virtual Sketchwalk Facebook group page provided the image
(our group is doing favorite objects this month!)

I began with an extra fine line ink sketch and the paper performed well with the nib!

Masking fluid was added where I want a pop of yellow later, and then three layers of inks built up to give me the under-painting I wanted:
Noodler’s Polar Brown for the “brunaille” dappled effect of the container;
Super5 Frankfurt for the deep wet tones in the image;
Finally, Noodler’s Lexington Grey for shadow.
The latter was used both full strength and in a very wet wash, two layers.
At this point four layers of wet were added.  No feathering or lifting of fibers.  Yay!

After the inks dried, I began building up the purples and browns and
even Buff Titanium (which I rarely use) of the flowers and the bench.

Finally, more ink over watercolor where needed,
the bright red (porch?) wall (two layers of red),
quin gold for the container, two shades for the leaves,
and then patiently wait for the piece to dry before popping off the masking fluid —
and dropping bright Daniel Smith Quinophthalone Yellow into the center!

I LOVE this paper!  Love it!  I used it all through the 1-week-100 people challenge,
and here is a sampling of the images, above!

Hahnemühle bamboo journals are currently sold online at Wet Paint and Hyatt’s:×10/
and Blicks is selling the paper (no journal) in pads of twenty-five sheets of several sizes.

To hear about classes, follow me on Facebook!

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