HBG: Dosha Types

*btw, that is not a rat… it is he with his head under a roll of cotton
trying to find a rattle mouse he thinks went under the roll.
Also, this was written when they had not yet come off quarantine*

They are half-siblings, same dad (the Oops Man cometh twice)
and different Siamese breeder moms.

They are SO different!

She is kapha bodied.
Every day she grows more stout and sturdy,
bigger paws, bigger jaws.
When she stops during play, she plops ungraciously on her side or butt.
she is not as adept at leaping, but makes a good soccer cat.
And also, as a kapha, she is moody, slow to change, and tenacious.
She WILL get what she wants…. and now she wants out of the room!

He is pitta-bodied, slim and fast and fiery.
He is a leaper, fast, a streak of black, graceful.
However, his ears are big bat ears which means the grace he possesses
is offset by the insanity of his huge ears, making him comical.
He wears his heart on a string, growling when he is possessive,
and a big baby snuggler when he is not playing.
He can be distracted from his goals…

*Kapha, Pitta and Vata bodies are within the Vedic medicine tradition.*

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2 Responses to HBG: Dosha Types

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Those two keep you hopping don’t they!


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