Pat in Pencil

Pat does magic with pencil, pen and colored papers.
In the #oneweek100people craziness I decided to play again with colored pencils in an homage to Pat.  She has a cheery face and style and I hoped to capture her.
Mitchell says I am too critical but her face is too wide.

I laid in line-work, then began to play with grey inks to accentuate.
I’ve not worked on this paper before — I need a lighter touch with the waterbrush.

Finally I added pencil and writing in white pens and black pens…
Yes, I am copying her style and will until I morph into my own.
Any artist that tells you they DON’T do this is lying their arses off!
It is how we learn!  I am hoping to take a class from her this year!

For me to love the colored pencil again I need to be able to get that
pop of color she manages to pull out of a pencil — brilliance!

Finally, another insight into challenges.
I may be through with them except for Inktober (October) or
World Watercolor Month (July) or Sketchpack (August).
Those challenges are about doing what you love, each day, not rushing
through an exercise for speed.  I know that many urban sketchers WANT to
do this because they need to develop the skill to sketch people fast in public places.
It just is not for me.
For me the push to do 100 people in a week is not what I want.
I didn’t ENJOY it, and that is a key element in any creative endeavor.
I enjoyed Mitchell (yesterday) and Pat, and Neil (tomorrow).
They all were mush more than random faces or people —
They are people I care about and I was working them creatively.
I had FUN trying out Pat’s pencil techniques.

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