Rustic Happy Rooster Cup

w17-1-10-nost-rustic-happy-cupLike I said, rooster’s on my mind.
We name some of our cups, and we have two sets of Happy Cups.
Both have roosters on them, not by design but by happenstance,
although maybe roosters = morning = creative time = a pretty happy time for me.
Maybe it is because we bought them at the old Mamma Ro store,
a very happy store for us!  They are our celebration cups, our ritual cups, our anti-depression cups!  (A lot to lay on a cup, I know.)
This is the second set, our hand-painted Italian rustic happy rooster cup.
Best filled with ginger-brown-sugar-milk-coffee.

That lovely rust is Diamine Ancient Copper ink, both brushed and drawn.
The background is Noodler’s Lexington Grey Ink and KWZ Ink’s Foggy Green.
Used a Pentel brush pen because it is so easy to have inks in bed if they are in a brush pen!

Drawing 10…

And on the opposite page, I played with inks showing Mitchell my favorite non-waterproof inks and how they move on the smooth Nostalgie page.  Diamine Ancient Copper,
KWZ Foggy Green, Diamine Regency Blue, De Atramentis Tobacco.
OM by Mitchell.  Didn’t count this as a drawing….  Took me as much time as the Rooster!


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6 Responses to Rustic Happy Rooster Cup

  1. Hi Kate. I love your happy cups what a great idea. Grab a happy cup and your day will be just that. Nice art too as always. Have a great day.


  2. gillena says:

    have a happy and creative weekend

    much love…


  3. I love your happy rooster cup in this year of the rooster.


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