Using up my Falling-apart Pentallic

Pentalic replaced this falling apart journal, and I am trying to get through it because it continues to break open at new places.  I want the new year to be free of breaking journals!

Middle of the night QUICK sketches…

w16-12-7-artichokes w16-12-8-medicarew16-12-12-pentalic-brush-1I can’t just pick up a waterbrush full of ink and expect miracles.
You have to squeeze while painting.
So I do practice — You guys just don’t see them!

w16-12-13-pentalic-shit-1Then there are the waiting for whatever doodles….

w16-12-16-pentalic-hootThis year has been a tough year.
In many ways, other than Mitchell, my art FB friends and blogging friends
have gotten me through what might have turned into depression.
What might I have to be depressed about?

w16-12-21-pentalic-solsticeWritten at 1am on the Solstice, and in fact,
the end of my Pentalic Falling Apart Journal Two.
Trump is bad enough, but I think what scares and depresses me is the huge numbers of people who voted for him, agreeing with his racism and bigotry and narrow-mindedness and happy that he will, if allowed, take apart our constitution.
And he has unfettered power.

I see the Solstice as the new year. 
I pray 2017 has a better outcome. 
Praying to ALL the gods and goddesses
while I can still do this in public.

Showing you my end pages, where I try things out.
The small overlay is unsized gampi paper.

w16-12-22-pentalic-end-of-journal-0 w16-12-22-pentalic-end-of-journal-1 w16-12-22-pentalic-end-of-journal-2What do I hate about ending this
falling apart journal?

Not having his big old face on the cover.


Starting a new journal today….

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6 Responses to Using up my Falling-apart Pentallic

  1. Your middle of the night sketches are interesting. Looking forward to seeing what journal you use next. 2017 will be an interesting year. Hopefully not one where we will stepping back in time.


  2. loisajay says:

    May 2017 be a better year for everyone in every way! Hang in there, Kate!


  3. Fran says:

    Love your journal opening cover painting. I too am having a bad end of the year. The election of Trump was disastrous and my best friend has a diagnosis of serious cancer. Going to be a bad year ahead I am afraid. “Stay Calm and Carry On”.


    • Gads Fran, awful about your friend. Trump too, but your friend. We’ve had a good deal of death in the last decade. I only have two living family members other than my niece, who is extremely healthy (knock on wood.) I’d like to see women rise up against this clown.


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