Vetch is Not Good for Horses!


I had to paint vetch after the lupines:
equal time for Pa after Mimi!

After my memory jog in California Lupines,
I kept wondering why Pa warned me
not to feed the horses vetch whenever I visited the ranch.
There was some vetch around the ranch, but not much,
and mostly in the lane leading to their Oregon House ranch.W14 6 7 Swartout Ranch copy
I’ve seen much more of it in Southern Oregon hills,
where the hills around the valley are streaked with green and violet.

I looked it up!

Seems vetch contains nitroglycosides, which cattle and
any animal that chews their cud can process, but for horses, it is poisonous.
Weight loss, depression (how can they tell this? something else for me to inquire about…),
loss of muscle coordination, and eventually death of the horse.
All good reasons!  Seems horses don’t care for it much (okay, they are smart)
but if there is nothing else around they will go for it.

world-watercolor-month-square-badge-31-paintings1I continue to churn out watercolors
for World Watercolor Month,
loosening my thoughts to a “just do it” mentality.
I played again with Opera Pink and various purples.
The blue you see above is the Fineline
masking fluid when it is on the piece.
Once removed, the blue areas stay white.
At the very end I came in with a bit of lavender-grey.

Pentalic Aqua Journal, Platinum Carbon pen,
Lamy Al-Star, De Atramentis Document black ink;
Fineline masking fluid and Holbein, QoR, and Daniel Smith watercolors.


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7 Responses to Vetch is Not Good for Horses!

  1. I had no idea that crown vetch was poisonous…..I think that I would have freaked out if I had known that fact when we had our daughter’s horse! I was always keeping an eye out for poisonous plants.


  2. fuzzydragons says:

    very pretty watercolours 🙂

    depressed hoses look depressed lol lack of motivation to do much, dull/changes to coat and hair, changes in body.


  3. Now that I have a postage stamp yard, I want a garden. But there really isn’t room, especially since my son wants a dog. Soooo, guess I’ll just have to live vicariously. Cheers!


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