USk: Mitchell, Saw, ER Kaiser

W16 7 1 MRP ER 01Mitchell had a saw buck and a piece of wood went flying yesterday.

We are very lucky and thanked KaliMa that it missed his artery in his arm by mere mms!
Hit him in the middle of his two eyes but did not hit his eyes!
It did not cut the tendon on his right thumb, though we could see the tendon!


The cut was about 3/4-inch and 1/4 inch deep
We spent from 2-7:00 pm dealing waiting at the glorious Kaiser ER with his hand UP
so it might not bleed more while they took people in order with no thought to triage
I saw no one else who looked like they needed immediate attention.
Next time Mitchell is going to take my advice and begin bleeding all over the floor.
I had time to sketch and so, sketch I did
always have that with me but NO blood red watercolors damn damn damn….
M’s core temperature dropped from shock and freezing air conditioning
(in Oregon, really necessary?  open a window…)
until they had to wrap him all up in warm blankets.

Crapity crap crap medical facility.

W16 7 1 MRP ER 05

Five shows of shark attack.  PuhLeeze.  All evil all the time!
Annoyed at the hating on a whole species!

W16 7 1 MRP ER 03Good people watching, a gorgeous woman with violet-brown skin in a lovely wavy skirt
(which I didn’t get to draw because she was in and out fast).

Then there was the Lusty Red-Haired Wench,
and in true Oregon style
(I apologize to my fellow Oregonians but really, it is a thing here)
she was corseted up laced up leathered up and trying to be all sexy
but then she put the damn thing over a grey striped tee that hung down over her bottom.

*giggle* *not hollywood haight lalaland fer sure*

The teenage boy across from her never looked up from his smart phone
at the large rack that was right under his nose, and
I heard my brother Patrick in my head, wondering what the hell?
She did look pissed most of the time but maybe she knew I was sketching her?

Doc was a snappy dresser, apple green checked shirt and bright orange mocs.
He had 4 stitches but could not stitch everywhere  because it came down next to his nail.  He didn’t cry but he almost did as the damn numbing agent hurt like hell…

They did not give him antibiotics.  I wish they had but they said it didn’t need it,
and Mitchell said he didn’t want them.  Thankfully he’s had his tetanus shot.

I told him next time he wants Friday
off early PLEEZE just take it!

W16 7 1 MRP ER 02

Strathmore Mixed Media journal with Platinum Carbon pen
and Daniel Smith watercolors.


 ©D. Katie Powell.
My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart.

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22 Responses to USk: Mitchell, Saw, ER Kaiser

  1. Youanna N. says:

    Oh, your story is fantastic and sad and funny, all at the same time! I wish your loved one a very fast recovery! Ouch is ouch no matter what. Love your sketches!


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Sad for Mitchell. I’ve been to the ER for woodworking related injuries. The concept of triage should be honored in an ER. I absolutely understand the pain of the numbing agent. It took 8 shots to numb my finger the last time I was at the ER for stitches. Also, I’m a little jealous, because every time Ive been there, and I tell them I’ve had my tetanus is up to date, they’ve always said: “it’s far enough along, you should have another” 😦


    • Oh Ouch Ouch — seriously, the shots made him cry out and I thot he would cry, but, well, Man Thang.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dan Antion says:

        I ran the end of my finger (while it was pointing down) through the tablesaw blade.


        • Making my knees week thinking about that… Mitchell is over here saying that is when being able to afford one of those ShopSaws would be good because the sensor stops the saw in a second. But VERY expensive….

          Liked by 1 person

          • Dan Antion says:

            I bought a new table saw after I cut my finger, but I did not buy that brand. 1) That company is trying to make its technology mandatory with some very heavy lobbying. 2) I don’t think it would have stopped, since my finger went in finger nail first. I mean, it might have stopped, but not in time. 3) Not only are they pricey, but I can only imagine that they are hard to maintain. I don’t need a more complicated saw. Sorry for the mini-rant. My injury was my fault. I was being careless. I know how to do what I was doing, safely, I just wasn’t doing it. I always, always, always always, take the proper safety precautions now.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Read to M and he didn’t know about the lobbying. His way of dealing with this is he understands that 1) he listened to a salesperson about the type of new blade he bought and it didn’t do what it should have, so he will return it, and 2) he was not doing what he was doing correctly and 3) a small voice alerted him to that and he didn’t pay attention. Yup, we listen to those small internal voices but this time he didn’t. He, too, doesn’t want a more complicated saw. He uses a lot of hand tools and loves the Japanese saws, and now may switch to using them 99% of the time. Less risk. Our livelihood would go *poof* if he was seriously injured. Kenahora, knock on wood. *doing the knocking now*
              I keep telling him he can say all this himself but he just tells me….!

              Liked by 1 person

            • Hi Dan,
              Ah, finally I can give the straight scoop on the ShopStop table saw! I took a trip to my Woodcrafers store, this morning, to replace the offending saw blade, which caused my injury. I talked to the rep and he allayed my concerns about this table saw. The saw “stop” is a spring action unit, not canister as I had reported, and it is only around $65. to replace. It stops a saw blade 5 times faster than the deployment of an automobile air-bag. Fast!!! As to the triggering of the “Stop” because of wet lumber (over 12%) ,there is an override key next to the shut of, which has to be manually engaged each time. Soooo, I think most of my concerns have been put to rest. They are “pretty” saws, for sure and it would be a treat to put one in my workroom. Hmmmm, guess I better see how by business manager (Kate) wants to fund this little play-toy! More on this subject as I know the straight scoop!

              Liked by 1 person

  3. hmunro says:

    I’m so glad Mitchell is OK, and I’m sorry for the ordeal and the mess and the five hours you spent in the ER. But … OMG. Look at your sketches, and the stories you collected! Though I really do hope it will be your last visit in a long time to a crappity crap medical facility. Sending healing thoughts Mitchell’s way!


  4. Kate, Angle indicators are graphs or dials set onto the saw which allows one to determine an angle of cut. No dial, no electronics? Time for the recycle company!


  5. Hi Dan,
    I like ShopSaw, but there are things about it which make me uncertain about investing $ in that brand.
    1) The idea of legislating the technology.
    2)The gas canister, which activates and stops the blade cost $200. plus and must be replace each time it activates.
    3)The gas canisters have been kn own to activate when cutting lumber which has high H2O count. Not great if one is cutting non KD economy stuff or recycled lumber.

    On the other hand, they are really nice machines, good power as far as i have heard ,and pretty quiet to boot.

    I think I would be better off taking my 2K plus, which I would have put into the pockets of the Saws-All people, and find a good used pro saw built in the 50’s or 60’s, then retrofit it to accept exhaust ducts and adjustable tables.

    All said, it is still seductive to buy the SawsAll, it’s shiny, like a race car ,and ya just wanna step on the gas! 🙂

    For me, I think I’m going to invest in some top of the line Japanese saws. I love the many Japanese cross cut saws I use, have used them almost daily for the last several years and I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are so versatile and they make very thin kerfs, to boot!


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