Playing with Tracey Fletcher King, 1

The great thing about taking a class is what you might be pushed to do if you follow
try to follow
almost follow another artist’s instructions.

I am taking an online class by my favorite Aussie,
Tracey Fletcher King, called Delicious Paint.

I moved fast today, partly because I only have today!
I had an entire day to paint, uninterrupted.  Yay!
Back to work tomorrow, a different kind of painting —
and hand-stitching with Mitchell — for several days!

I used a watercolor pencil under my drawings (which I’ve done before but not with abandon) and it made for a lot of messiness which I had fun dealing with, above.
She asked us to do this lickety-split and I obeyed sorta followed orders.

W16 3 8 TFK 2 009W16 3 8 TFK 2 013 REDONext was painting over colors without with a little plan.  How freeing! I loved playing this way, even though it did not turn out “right.”  The apple was way too dark.  Tracey suggested I go in and lift color and then try a Hansa Yellow Medium, which I did, then topped it with Quin Red, right.
I’ve rarely tried lifting color
before.  I learned so much!

I am fairly amazed as this is an Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbook, and certainly they do not talk about it being great to dump a ton of water on then wet and lift then paint more.

I like the pear a lot….  Tracey’s critique was helpful and I now have some new tricks!

W16 3 8 TFK 3 009I went in fast with underpainting (not like the grisaille but watercolors) then added deep colors and layered up.  I had problems, and asked TFK how
I get around that.  One of them was about the streaky paint you can see right in an undercolor. Tracey
had good suggestions!

It is nice to be able to  show a picture to another artist and say,
“WTH?  How come yours don’t do that?  Magic paints?”

BTW, yes, she has magic paints.  I am sure of it.

Did I say I like my pear? 
If you like one thing on a play day it is a win!

 Aquabee Super Deluxe Journal with a Caran D’ache watercolor pencil #3888-055, Platinum Carbon pen and ink, Platinum Preppie Pen with Noodler’s ink;
White Uniball Signo, and Daniel Smith, Holbein, and QoR watercolors.
Directions by the great Tracey Fletcher King.


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8 Responses to Playing with Tracey Fletcher King, 1

  1. Woohoo baby you are on fire… Have fun at work and store up all that goodness na desert so it can explode again in a few days… CAN’T wait to have you back in class!


  2. Cindy Dauer says:

    Hooray for the pear and I also love the bananas, and the page of peppers is also great! You and Tracey are both such excellent artists, so all of it is so nice to see!


  3. I had no idea you could lift paint from a watercolor. Fascinating. Bet you can tell I’ve never taken a watercolor class. I love your work, but you know that. 😀


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