Redbubble is Crazy

If anyone is ordering from my site this holiday season, I apologize for the message that Redbubble is sending about being a thoughtless jerk while showing they are illiterate.

Also, the sticker they send with the crying woman (or god forbid, bleeding-from-her-eyes woman) is pretty disgusting. Or maybe the message is on track, and the woman holding the Redbubble is sad over the product? It is not good in any case.

Know that none of this is from me, and I have already written to them. I don’t know who is in charge of messages, but they need to know that not everyone wants to be called names or see that garbage at the holidays.

W15 12 4 Moms Santa 4 HO HO HO card

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7 Responses to Redbubble is Crazy

  1. CC aka Minerva says:

    OMGS! I haven’t seen any message! That sounds awful! And just when I signed up! Boo!


  2. Nutty! Thx for letting us know.


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