Gratitude Journal: My New Chop

W15 8 10 GRATITUDE JOURNAL 001Last week was tough, for reasons I’ll not discuss. . . . Leave it behind!

I give thanks for the little and not so little things.

Mitchell.  A not so little thing!

And the sunflowers Mitchell brought me, so gorgeous and fresh they are still
hanging about my studio desk, dropping petals and looking beautiful.
They sit in one of my favorite emerald green folded envelope vases.
All that happy color!

Feng Zhou of Chinese Seal made my new chop.
I could have spent less, but when I saw Quan Yin I knew I had to have her/him.
Beautiful tools are so nice to hold.

Quan Yin: God/dess of Compassion

Quan Yin is also commonly spelled Kuan Yin, and the name is short for Kuan-shi-yin.
HE originally was a manifestation of the male deity Avalokiteshvara, a.k.a. Chenrezig,
and from the 10th century on has taken on a feminine aspect in the far east,
beginning with a white robed version believed to be akin to White Tara.
SHE (really, either way!) is said to answer all pleas for help.
S/he is often depicted on clouds or waves, holding a lotus blossom
and/or a vial containing the nectar of immortality.

I have beaded several necklaces of her and wear her often.

My first tries with my chop were not so good.  Feng Zhou sent me info on how to use it, and now, after cleaning it and doing it properly, it is working much better
(though my try below was before I asked him!):
“If there is too much ink on it now, please clean it with a piece of dry cloth first. Do not need water.  Dip the seal into the ink slightly several times to get the ink. Remember you are using the stone to dip out the ink, not putting the stone into the ink.  When you print it, it is better to put a book or a piece of rubber mat under the paper.  (I am using a piece of yoga mat.)  When you press the seal, use strength evenly to each direction.”

W15 8 10 GRATITUDE JOURNAL 002The strip of pattern to the side is the fabric on the outside of my chop box.

Everything is lovely!

Moleskin 8×11 watercolor journal, Pentalic HB woodless pencil,
Super5 “Australia” ink and Danial Smith watercolors.


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9 Responses to Gratitude Journal: My New Chop

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Katie, your chop is exquisite. Once again you stir such juices in me with your art and your journey to bring it to us. I first fell in love with you many moons ago because of your sunflowers, and I’ve loved you ever since 😘


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Understanding the tools that you use is so important for any artisan. I have similar stories from my wood shop. Your work is so impressive and so rich and vibrant, I remain amazed Kate.


  3. Love the Thoreau quote. So apropos for writing. Your work inspires me!


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