Favorite Waterproof Inks

W15 7 14 PEN INKS 002My beloved brown inks.  How did I ever live without them.  I bought the De Artramentis Document (DeA Doc for short) Brown because I read that Lamy pens have problems
with Noodler’s ink, but I prefer the darker Noodler’s Polar Brown ink.
But my new love — swooning — in Super5’s Australia, which is a bit plummy.

The lower two are from samples through Goulet Pens (a good idea), and while I LOVE the Diamine Ancient Copper (it really looks coppery without metallics) I am not sure I will buy it — a luxury, to be sure, a rich lovely ink that runs easily!  NOT waterproof!

W15 7 14 PEN INKS 003I love drawing in a dark grey, and Noodler’s Lexington Grey is neutral,
not blue or red, if that is possible.  I had DeA Doc Dark Blue, and love it.
Then I had heard such amazing things about DeA Doc Fog Grey —
and am SO disappointed.
Sorry, I grew up with daily fog over the ocean and it is not like this.  This is BLUE.
Now I am set for blues for life, as I  rarely use them — or I will mix them up a bit.

I have used a lot of the DeA Doc Turquoise — it is surprisingly versatile and after having it as a sample. I bought it.  I think I will enjoy using it in architectural sketches.

Scabiosa was a sample, and interesting, but not my kinda ink —
which is why samples for a buck are a good idea.  I thought it would be like Australia!

Waterproof, Water Resistant and Bulletproof?

Water resistant and waterproof is what you look for when you are reading
technical specs and want a waterproof ink.  Bulletproof or eternal categories has to do with counterfeiting, and while bulletproof often has staying power,
it is not waterproof on all papers.

From Noodler’s site:  ““Bulletproof” refers to any Noodler’s Ink that resists all the known tools of a forger, UV light, UV light wands, bleaches, alcohols, solvents, petrochemicals, oven cleaners, carpet cleaners, carpet stain lifters, and of course…
they are also waterproof once permitted to dry upon cellulose paper. Some inks are more bulletproof than others – generally in descending order (most bulletproof with the most testing – to less bulletproof): blacks, blues, yellows, invisible (“blue ghost” and “White Whale”), greens, browns, purples, reds…. all are equally bulletproof with one exception: the resistance to strong industrial bleaches to the point where the paper structure itself decomposes. Reds are prone to more fading when exposed to strong bleaches (sometimes fading to a yellow) than the other colors.

Check out Goulet’s info video on Bulletproof versus Eternal inks, below.

W15 7 14 PEN INKS 001Current ink supply, above.  The two other favorites for sketching are Super5 Delhi (that lovely turmeric color) and Super5 Dublin.  How cool are their names?

I am experimenting with painting with inks as well.
Will post them when I like them — such bright clear colors!

Tested in a Pentalic Field Book.


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