IFJM 18: Tarot Reading Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

April 18

W15 4 18 IFJM 001This day is too chaotic to try to convey to you.  I took my journal and drew the images quickly, scribbling, because I also wanted to write down what she said.  I kept a page from Mik’s journal so I could write on both.  He took notes too, and I have them all.

From my journal:  “Incense, cleansing before entering the tent.  We were not invited into her caravan.  Before we went I had a long talk with Mik to stop him from even humming “Love Potion Number Nine,” however, it was in MY head all day.  The focus of the tarot questions we had were centered around our journey and the book.” 

“Oddly, before we got started she had laid the cards out and two black cats jumped on the table.  She was surprised because she said they rarely come around strangers.  Each put a deliberate paw on a card and we decided to take them as part of the pull.  Cats have always been good luck for us!”

I will paraphrase the info, instead of trying to decipher my notes, as there is so much to understand, and it will stay with us for the next week as we get into Camino territory:

The female pulled the Ace of Wands, which felt like a gift, and is about revolutionary transformation, following your intuition, and a caution to stay on a spiritual path.

The long-haired male pulled the Knight of Wands, about intellectual inventiveness, getting into a rhythm, and travel or a journey.

Gypsy pulled the Ace of Pentacles for me: about the long haul, belief in yourself, groundedness, seeing the big picture.

Gypsy pulled the 10 of Swords for Mik, about asking he questions.  Are illusions as real as reality?  Everything is an interpretation of the mind.  A caution to follow his dreams.

And for the book itself, the 3 of Cups, the LOVE card.  Surely it is a product of our love!  It is about passion, brings changes or growth, builds community, and is a symbol that we are creating our world!

W15 4 18 IFJM 003“The entire Universe is a great theater of mirrors, a set of hieroglyphs to decipher; everything is a sign, everything harbors and manifests mystery.  The principles of contradiction and of linear causality are supplanted by those of resolution and of synchronicity.”  Alice Bailey


Moleskin 8×11 watercolor journal, De Artramentis Document and Super5 ink.

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2 Responses to IFJM 18: Tarot Reading Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

  1. joantav says:

    I got a chuckle out of “Love Potion Number” but I’m afraid it will be stuck in my head for a while. lol


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