IFJM 10: Piazza del Duomo

10 April 2015

W15 4 10 IFJM 002“I had to add la bella luna!  Took liberties and painted the tower.
From the bar on Str. Duomo looking toward Cattedrale di Parma. 
How did this look in the 17th century?”

8am From my journal:  “Our routine.  We are not usually chatty in the morning at home, but do read snippets of what we ae seeing online one to the other; now we are writing / drawing in cafes (oops I stand corrected, bars) or eating on plazas . . . talking drawing, writing about what we see, plot changes, descriptions.  Today what is on my mind is how this street looked when E was alive.  We want to get it right.  True, it is fiction, but both of us hate it when writers have glaring mistakes.  As an architect I cringe when a character is AIA.  Writers do this thinking they’ll have oodles of time (workaholics), balanced (so often control freaks and divorced), and rich (HAHAHAHAAAA).  Few have good taste anymore.  With the constant need for computer drawing they are more geek than artist.  We don’t want to make [the same] glaring mistakes.”

W15 4 10 IFJM 003

“BTW, this is our Bar.  Mik orders “un dippio” (two shots) and I have a marocchino.  And dunk biscotti.  Mik tries to talk Italian and I make endless fun of him for it!”

I should draw the coffee bar for you!

“If you can’t find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?”  Dogen Zenji

Duomo_di_Parma_francobollo“I decided not to try to draw the entire corner of Piazza del Duomo, because Elisabetta would never have seen it like this with scaffolding around the tower.  I have this wonderful image of a postage stamp from the brochure from the Cattedrale di Parma”

From my journal:  “The Piazza della Duomo houses the Museo Diocesano (the old Bishop’s Palace), the Cattedrale di Parma, and the Battistero di Parma.  The cathedral is unique, beautiful, and in need of a tour guide.  We were sitting in dim lights, discussing the need for light, looking at the frescoes on the vaulted ceiling for a LONG time before we overheard that you can light the place up for a couple of Euros!”

W15 4 10 IFJM 006“I am weary and only painted the lion because I was waiting for Mik; he bought books.  MORE books.  In Italian.  We are going to have to ship them back.”

“On the way “home” we bought “Pane Carasau: pane tipico sardo” a fairly low-calorie flat bread, and a cold risotto salad, a white cheese with a goat-like flavor (I pointed to), slices of Parma ham (which is like prosciutto), olives and fruit.  We’re tuckered out and need a break, so we are curling up in the room and noshing and reading and maybe painting.”

“Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.”  Jacques Prevert

Mind blowing how fast I can communicate with you all.  Your grandmother had to wait a couple of weeks for letters from me when I was in Paris three months, and I had to wait until I called her.  Now, instantaneous!


Moleskin 8×11 watercolor journal, Pentalic HB woodless pencil, De Artramentis Document and Super5 ink, and Daniel Smith, Holbien and QoR watercolors.

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8 Responses to IFJM 10: Piazza del Duomo

  1. sandidureice says:

    Aaaah! A sense of taste…’goat-like flavor’. I can imagine what the cheese tastes like.

    That quote from Dogen Zenji has me thinking and analysing. What does Zenji mean by ‘truth’?(rhetorical). It’s new and different experiences that has helped me to learn about the ‘truth’…of myself, of life. Another place can help, if that other place brings new and challenging experiences. But to move to another place for the sake of finding truth…I understand what Zenji means then. I try to indulge in personal challenges within my space. “You’re never too old to learn” is my mantra. Each time I take on a challenge I see my space through different eyes.

    So enjoying your fakery and thought-provoking quotes.


    • Sandi you are one of my favorite followers because you comment as thoughtfully as I (hope to) write! Yes the sense of smell and taste is now being thought of each day! Twenty more days!


  2. Dana says:

    Love that lion! I do have a question… AIA? (all I know is Athletes in Action… that can’t be right.)


  3. Dana says:

    Question… AIA? for the life of me I can’t figure it out… Love your lion!


    • AIA is American Institute of Architects. (My husband is riffing next to me (“Antiquarian Idiot of America . . . Always Interesting A**holes . . . none of this has to do with architects just him making up names . . . )

      The lion. I’m not satisfied with her (I figure it is a her because no big mane) and everyone else loves her. This is a lesson in never letting your own eyes be the judge. Thank you.


  4. joantav says:

    Great post! Love the images!!


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