IFJM 2: Rome

2 April 2015

W15 4 2 IFJM 001Landed, picked up the car, and then headed into Rome for food and to visit the pen shop to buy inks.

My journal:  “It was fun watching Mik navigate a rental in Italian!  Our van is the color of the tip of my Preppie fountain pen.  Took this nondescript hippie-looking hotel so we’d not have to drive far.”

“What is truer than truth?  The Story.”  Jewish saying.

While waiting for Mik drew Hotel Euro House, 9 Vai Rome la Valle.  Added the brochure which appears to be about the history of the Port.

Drew Cose Buone Dal Forno Trevisiol at Via de Val Telina 66 after lunch sitting in the market.  “We took a different route — back road — Vai Portense into Rome.  We actually saw countryside so close to the airport!  We took a chance, roughly, with a map of Rome in hand, to find lunch . . . We stopped at a market — alimentari — and across the street was a place to eat.  Yum.  Pannini w/ proscuitto & pesto & antipasta.  By the way, we passed Lago Traiano and it seems it is the remains of an ancient Roman port.  How it got so far inland is beyond me. . .  [bought} avancio (oranges) and bananas.”

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand,
there is no art.”
  De Vinci

W15 4 2 IFJM 002“Novelli (pen store) is near so many places I won’t feel guilty spending time here.  Dropped Mik off at 1-ish at Piazza Santi Apostoli and he is going into the church.  Thank God for cell phones.

Bought inks, and was bought by pens, including a gift for Mik.  Black, Brown (samples), Blue (samples) and a lovely Green Super5.  I haven;t filled them yet.  Amazing to test drive a pen — always I buy them sight unseen & I’ve had some dogs — including a Lamy that was cracked.  Stood to draw the view before meeting Mik.  I doubt I’ll pull watercolors out ever!  In hotel rooms?  Maybe.  I am leaving space below for pen drawings and ink samples.  Off to meet Mik.”

(Came back to add pen info so will translate later at time of writing.)

“Axes reach across space to draw together the important points in a place. . . paths are where your feet actually trod, so that what happens along the way becomes the important thing.”  Lyndon or Moore

W15 4 2 IFJM 0043:30pm “Meeting Mik now at Santi Apostoli.  We agreed to meet in the portico.  Love this sad lion, guarding the Apostles . . . He reminds me of the fu dogs that guard Chinese temples.  But he is sad not fierce.  (This is our first separation on this trip and I am happy we have the cells, but what if they don’t work?  We need alternate plans . . .)  I did a quick pencil outline then began with my carbon pen.  Mik just showed his face.  (Hearts) Relief!”

W15 4 2 IFJM 003“Back to hotel.  Beat.  I think we’ll park at the Collonna again tomorrow (Via de Santa Maria).  Mario at the front desk recommended a sushi bar not too far away.  M laid down but I am afraid to nap — I want to sleep deeply tonight.  HAHAHAHAA I almost forgot!  I wanted a roast chicken or sushi, and wanted to try for organic — “biologico.”  Turns out “organic” is understood, and I did “pollo arrosto” well.  Then I tried “crudo pesce” — raw fish — and Mario said, “Sushi?”  Well duh.  It’s Japanese!”

“The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience.”  Schopenhauer on Religion

W15 4 2 IFJM 0057:30pm Fuji’s, Via Delle Ombrine 33  “Waiting at the sushi bar at Fuji’s — a sample or someone else’s order is [on the] glass, making our mouth’s water.”

W15 4 2 IFJM 006 copy9:30pm  Back at the hotel, added color to my drawings.   “Mik is asleep.  I am coloring my sketches and playing with the pens, filling the new pen.  This is the most gorgeous pen.  Reminds me of Bakelite or a green tortoiseshell, stunning.  Ahab Flex has a huge tip.  My first flex pen too.  Super5 ink: Dublin.  OH SO PRETTY!  FLEX Wow Take Some Getting used to . . .  Pressure!”

10:00pm “Adding color, took a potion to sleep, Benedryl.  Love my new pen (from the last page).  We talked a bit about Rome versus other travel, will stay 1-2 days before leaving & M gets acclimated.  May have to rush later on — OK!”


Moleskin 8×11 watercolor journal, Pentalic HB woodless pencil, De Artramentis Document and Super5 ink, and Daniel Smith, Holbien and QoR watercolors.

To follow the IFJM posts from the start, go here.

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10 Responses to IFJM 2: Rome

  1. joantav says:

    You have a tremendous amount of detail and sketches in one post. I’ve traveled in Italy so I am enjoying this.


  2. Sammy D. says:

    Love it, love it, love it!! The quotes are fabulous throen into your wandering tale. The painting of the buildings lining the street fading into the distance – I will feel accomplished if/when I can achieve that dimension and depth (I am nowhere near that skill yet!).

    PS the above Joan has to stop commenting before me because I think I already commented and forgot. Then I’m like “wait, what?? I don’t even use Joan to comment.” It’s all very befuddling to me when I’m already wrestling my misbehaving keypad. Vino I think, Yes, surely vino.


  3. Dana says:

    Oooodles of fun stuff here! I love the depth you’ve gone into with your journaling… I feel as if you’re writing home to me. Love it!


  4. sandidureice says:

    Sushi in Rome? Mamma Mia! At least you got to the Pancetta. And Sammy D reminded me about the vino too. Red wine and spaghetti…isn’t this where one would get the authentic stuff? that’s where I’d be headed. When in Rome… Maybe there is a plethora of Sushi bars in Rome now and I’m a bit behind the times.

    But there is one thing that tells of the fakery…absence of smell. The aroma of things. I read a fantastic detective mystery once. They were trying to find out if a victim of crime was really a victim or just making it up. The way someone finally found out that this was truly a victim was the test of remembrance of smell. Because when you have actually lived the experience you remember the smells. So this is a lesson to make your fakery a bit more authentic. (smiley)


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