Late Night: Cozy Catz and Lettering

2015 2 27 LETTERING PRACTICE 002I am dissatisfied with my lettering.
I hear my mother’s voice telling me I used to have such nice lettering!
I know I never quite mastered architectural lettering, and now all of a sudden I care.  Geesh.  So I am practicing, calligraphy.  I have a Hero pen that makes it look easy!
I found fonts I love and made a cheat sheet to copy: BradleyHand, Jappaneese, The Cowboy Font.  Does anyone ever share their practice pages800px-NormsRestaurant_LaCienega?

I think I will give up on the “Googie” inspired George Jetson font, “Holiday Hardcore”.  It reminds me of college and late night munching at Norm’s
and the Holiday Bowl,
both designed by
Armét & Davis in 1957-1958.  Still, my version of the lettering is really awful.


Bored with lettering, because really I am just trying to meet a goal and that is not too interesting — it feel like work, frankly, I turned to our sleeping mates.

I love our catz but cannot draw them well.
Tonight I tried to channel Roz Stendahl to get me started.
It’s not that I always want to copy her style, but sometimes I find you can break a stuckness by copying a style.  And since most of us can never really do another artist well, that style will eventually evolve into YOUR style!  I had some success.


Kamala is the most difficult one to draw because she is a wild gurl and never holds still.
If she is sleeping and I decide to draw her somehow her sixth sense
picks it up and she moves her behind toward me.
Tonight I caught her watching her man, the one I happen to be married to.

W15 3 1 JAI SLEEPING 002W15 3 1 JAI SLEEPING 004

Jai is an old man, and I love him so — he has taken over the bed, and likes to get under covers.  I’m happiest with the last drawing of the night, of him.

And, the end to this sketchbook.  I love Stillman & Birn, but don’t like small hardbound sketchbooks.  Glad to say good-bye on a sweet note!

Stillman & Birn Alpha journal, with a Pentalic 2B woodless pencil,
Pentel Brush pen, Luma watercolor inks in brush pens, Platinum Preppie Pen, De Artramentis Document ink, and Daniel Smith watercolor paints.


I agree to Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which you can learn more about by visiting the site, or,
visit my web page for a more user-friendly summary on my terms.
My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back to dkatiepowellart.
Norm’s image courtesy of Wikipedia.

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hollywood baby turned beach gurl turned steel&glass city gurl turned cowgurl turned herb gurl turned green city gurl. . . artist writer photographer. . . cat lover but misses our big dogs, gone to heaven. . . buddhist and interested in the study of spiritual traditions. . . foodie, organic, lover of all things mik, partner in conservation business mpfconservation, consummate blogger, making a dream happen, insomniac who is either reading buddhist teachings or not-so-bloody mysteries or autobio journal thangs early in the morning when i can't sleep
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4 Responses to Late Night: Cozy Catz and Lettering

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I really like the bottom one, event the lettering.


  2. Sammy D. says:

    Katie, I can tell you love Jai. It’s in your illustration.

    Oh Lordy on the calligraphy!!! Yet another ‘envision’ for which I bought the books and supplies and never did anything with them and gave them away to someone who would! I haven’t even tip-toed into Urban Sketching and already you’re leading me down another tempting path. Not gonna bite on this one, even though it kills me not to follow up on my ‘ooohhh!!” I will enjoy your lovely alphas and blow raspberries at your Mother’s admonishments 🙂


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