Syn Studio Classwork: Demo Two: Cast Drawing

Marc Taro Holmes is my inspiration on trying to get this watercolor thang down to my liking. Here is his “famous” “Tea, Milk, Honey” demo. He shows us this in several ways on his blog, but being a Ganesha fan I had to share this one. Tomorrow, I will share my Garuda images.


Second project for the watercolor class at Syn Studio was this cast drawing subject. A small statue of Ganesha. The goal here was a classic demonstration of Tea, Milk, Honey – my phrase that encapsulates a working method which is simultaneously Larger-to-Smaller, Fluid-to-Gel, Wet-to-Dry, Lighter-to-Darker.


Here’s the progress steps. Drawing>Tea>Milk> and then Honey (above).


Key thing to remember: Work Wet on Dry: Each pass must be bone dry before the next. This allows you precise control over what edges are hard and what are soft.

Note how color in the first pass is super arbitrary. Just have fun with Pouring the Tea. Then you can draw in shadows with Milk, and re-enforce only the darkest dark cast ‘contact’ shadows with the final Honey pass.

Since this one we’ve done another day on still life subjects, and are graduating to working with the model. This promises to be a lot…

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3 Responses to Syn Studio Classwork: Demo Two: Cast Drawing

  1. susanissima says:

    Love this post. I think R has studied this approach, as well. Thanks for featuring this, Katie.


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