USk: St. Honoré, Lake Oswego

W15 2 3 USK ST HONORE PDX 6I risked my weight loss diet and spent 90 minutes at St. Honoré Boulangerie to
sketch while Mitchell went to a client’s home.  (Yes I did “break it — but only a tiny bit with a teeny chaussen aux pommes and small chai latte.)  Finally tackled a few people — not many.  I am far more comfortable sketching models (they hold still) or “stuff.”

I took the time  to do a setup, studying the overhead lighting to see how it aligned
with the front counter and how the odd angles aligned with the counters.
This assisted in showing me I needed to flatten the lighting in back a bit and saved my
proportions overall.  Later I used the set-up to test mixed watercolors.


The waitress took an inordinate amount of cleaning (several times) at the
condiment stand next to me and finally admitted she was making excuses to watch me
and could she simply look over my shoulder.  No problem with that for me.  The set-up also allowed me to take some notes on colors so I could add color in my studio — and I took images with my old phone but have NO idea how to remove them.  Hardly worth it;
I have an exacting eye for color.  The paint is the color of yellow split peas.

I wrapped up about the time Mitchell was to pick me up.  I decided to move to the bar and sketch the big oven.  No set-up — no time!  Finished the rough sketch in about 15 minutes.

They were just starting to fill the coffee eclairs in front of me when Mitchell called!  Yeow!
I added my meal.  I really do not like white plates!  Boring!

W15 2 3 USK ST HONORE PDX BANNERDrawn in an Strathmore Mixed Media journal with
a Platinum Carbon pen, A Sailor Pen (55 degree angle), a Hero pen
(new pens, getting used to), with De Artramentis Document ink (black),
and Daniel Smith / QoR watercolors.


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6 Responses to USk: St. Honoré, Lake Oswego

  1. Carrol Tama says:

    Katie I love this place. Great for a cup of tea after shopping at Chico’s. Carrol


  2. Sammy D. says:

    YOU are an Urban Sketcher!! Oh, yeah 😋😆💥💥💞


  3. susanissima says:

    Awesome! I love the way you walked us through the process. Is this place in Portland?


    • Lake Oswego, though we have one blocks from the studio. The one near us is not as charming but has the same wonderful bakery — a bit TOO crowded and noisy. The layout of the one in Lake Oswego spreads out the noise and I like that a bit better.


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