Comics heroes Tintin, Spirou and Asterix: Je suis Charlie

There are many tragedies in our world today, both to human and to the environment. Because I am an artist, and part of an artist community, I hear much more about JeSuis Charlie. A fellow artist remembers.

Le Blog des Flinflins

Je Suis Charlie JCD light

I am lucky guy because I grew up in a land of freedom, a country where men decided to free themselves in 1789 with the French Revolution and chose to write the Human Rights declaration.
However when I was a young kid, it was still a country with some degree of censorship and restricted rights for women.
There was a public organization whose job was to watch over youth publication and apply censorship if needed. And a newspaper could be shut down or a TV show canceled on a single call of the Ministry of Information ;
At that time women who wanted to apply for a job needed to get a written authorization from their husband.

There were very few TV programs for kids, except on Thursday, the day off at school.
Comics where our main entertainment, with 3 main magazines ‘Le Journal de Tintin’, Spirou and Pilote with…

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2 Responses to Comics heroes Tintin, Spirou and Asterix: Je suis Charlie

  1. susanissima says:

    Beautifully written, impassioned piece. Thanks for sharing this artist’s perspective, Katie.


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