A Look Back at This Moonth

As I am moving Booby Gurl home to D.Katie Powell Art’s blog, I thought to show you a moonth of her back in June, when she became a focus of the cycle.  If I decide to do a lunar Moondae challenge, I will do it over on Lunar Moondae, my other blog!  To do this review of a moonth of Booby Gurl images, you will click back to the original post.

Featured Image -- 3125

Lunar Moondae

This moonth was an unplanned painting of what is happening as I design the class on journaling with the lunar cycles.  I wrote less, and painted more, my little gurl as she moved through the cycles, unplanned, working from intuitional ranges.  To see them all together tells a story of how the cycle unfolded, painted from my sketches created often at 3am, as I moved through the moonth.  This is one way we will look at the moonth cycle.

W14 5 5 MOON PHASES CRESCENTI have so much to say about working with cycles, yet as I went into silence for the
New Moon I realized that painting the cycles was completely new to me.
I had a panic and a bit of a nutty when I thought of it.  How to express the lunar cycles in paintings?  I don’t paint ideas, but rather images come to me and then I find out what they…

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