Cats: The End of a Sketchbook

W14 12 KAMALA 1

Kamala and I are the only gurls in the bedroom.  She thinks she owns Mitchell,
and competes with Jai, Sammy and me.  She spent eight years living outside our door in a rural area and fended for herself, with fresh water and occasional food from us — but she was wary of us.   That was my fault.  When we rented the house and she came to the back door all fat and pretty and I assumed she was a neighbor’s cat.  Our guys had not had their “outdoor” shots yet I shooed her away.  She learned too fast (one quiet shooing) that she was “not wanted” and it took us years to get her indoors.  She’s the smartest of them all — seriously — and a fierce protector.  When we were about to move to Portland possibly the other cats had a conversation with her, because she leapt into Mitchell’s arms — and there she rests.  It took her two more years to trust me.  Gads.  I’d never hurt an animal.

Anyway, she thinks she owns Mitchell and after one time of pretending
I owned him in front of her and her getting so worked into a lather I decided that was not funny for her —  not play at all — and so, I acquiesced.  She owns him.
Top cat, and all that, she allows me in her bed.

I think because of all the years spent making sure eagles, big-horned owls, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats and yes, even the occasional wolf didn’t get her made her so she never sleeps completely quietly.  Constantly moving.  Constantly watchful.
This makes her a bitch to draw.

W14 12 KAMALA 6She seems contented now, and this makes me happy even if I have to share.

Jai is our grey tabby male who coaxed her in with his cat-calls.
Now they are sworn frenemies.  He is older, and he gets some protection from us
at night so he sleeps a bit closer now.  Otherwise she might nip him.
Usually he sleeps like a doll but on the last page of my sketchbook he moved while I was doing the gesture and he ended up looking like a fox.  Oh well.  My fox.

W14 12 JAI FOX 2Aquabee Super Deluxe 9×9-inch (of course, a lunar number) journal with Uniball pen (running ink) or a Platinum Preppy fountain pen, Noodler’s Lexington Grey ink,
and Daniel Smith (Primatek too), Holbien and QoR watercolors.


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4 Responses to Cats: The End of a Sketchbook

  1. susanissima says:

    Love your sketchings and the narrative! Read and felt like a possible picture book. Any chance of that? All the best! ❤


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