Chinese Silk Bag and HOBO Bag

W14 12 19 LS GEST CHIN BAG 1This is an exercise in gesture versus guidelines, and in permanence (in the form of lasting details and materials) versus impermanence (fast, light materials.)

I have two bags I reach for besides my painting bag.  One is this lovely silk Chinese bag which never lasts more than a season — the material and construction is not meant for  ever after.  These purses are bright, beautiful bursts of color and i buy them in Spring and they last until autumn.

The image above was created in under fifteen minutes including watercolor:
a Uniball pen in a fast gesture, with the essential colors caught on paper.
When I added the Quin Coral below and let it run, I did it consciously,
because the purse has many colors shot through the weave and the Quin Coral
is a secondary color, with two shades of gold, and a Phthalo blue.

The detailed drawing below is of my temporary seasonal purse with the addition of my longterm perfect purse, a black leather HOBO bag that I have had for about twenty years.  It hold almost everything I must have, zips securely, slings over my shoulder, and is small so it doesn’t hurt my back.  I love it.  It is not much to look at anymore but I have not found a replacement.  It is like an old friend.

Are all women so picky about their purses?
Having found the perfect purse, isn’t it hard to dump it for another?

I took a bit more time, but still only used guidelines to block in the essential shapes.  From there to ink, and on to watercolor.  I didn’t want a big blob of black, so mixed a bit of Primatek Hematite with purple to give it texture.  I’m happy with this — black is driving me crazy in the form of two of our black cats, who I keep trying to capture.  I also dropped a bit of Primatek Serpentine into the green of the purse, though this was not as successful — the purse is brighter.  I added the punch of colors in the flowers while things were still damp, so it blurred some areas and not others.  I like the effect.

W14 12 20 LS UNDER CHIN BAG 5Drawn in an Stillman & Birn Alpha journal
with blue-black Uniball (top, running ink) or
Caran D’ache watercolor pencil followed by Preppie pen with Noodler’s Lexington Grey ink, and Daniel Smith (Primatek too) and QoR watercolors.


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3 Responses to Chinese Silk Bag and HOBO Bag

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Katie – your silk purse is gorgeous!! I want to run my fingers over the lovely silk. Do you buy each time from same vendor? I have never understood having many purses and taking time to switch stuff – I try to find what works and go with it till it falls apart. These days I often pocket I-phone and metal wallet in sweater pockets and nix a purse altogether.

    Hope you and Mitchell enjoy this coming week reading from your basket of book goodies!


    • I also don’t switch purses with this exception — they are such happy purses. Unfortunately the vendor went out of business; a trade agreement is hurting small importers — nto Walmart, but the little guys. HMPH! The good news is a bought a dozen bags for $3/each. A few were gifts, but I still have several summers worth of bags!

      I can’t wait for a few days off — it has been a whirlwind. And the best news, no cooking dinner. Whole foods is here is making heavenly smoked turkeys and we scored a small one! Salad, cookies, and M is making his Dutch babies. Sleep, read, paint. Heaven.

      Hope you and yours have a lovely holiday!


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