Tools: Ball Point Pens

W14 11 LS Uniball 2Playing with my tools in this exploratory, and thinking of Andrea Joseph, I had to also play with the various types of ball-point pens in my stash.  Uniballs have been my favorite for so many years, first the older Vision Elite, now the newer sleeker Vision Elites.

I found the new color+black inked versions completely wonderful (left side, above),
and only wish they were waterproof.  Not quite black, toned down, a great drawing color.
I use the brown-black pen often, but after seeing the red-black wet, I will use this one often too — it looks like sepia brown architectural prints!  Mitchell has all the green pens . . .  I need to order one of my own.  It has a nice forest-green spruce washed color!

I won’t buy the 207 Uniball again.  I took a chance on back-to-school sales,
less than a buck a pen.  Not too bad, but I like the flow of the Uniball Vision Elite.

W14 11 LS PENS JOHNSONThen I channeled Andrea and picked up the pile of freebie ball-points.
(I guess I combined Andrea Joseph with Cathy Johnson in the pen-play!  Ooops!)
It is the only way I own a regular ball-point.  And I only keep those that have some emotional or memorable significance, with the exception of our accountant’s contact info.
I also through in a few of the “stolen” green pens from Mitchell’s stash (in all honesty these were a gift) and some fine point Uniball Signos that I tried and did not like — but had never tested with water.  There is not a pen here I would reach for, except maybe the Pilot G-2, because it has a nice flow.  Flow is the reason I don’t like ball-points, I don’t
like their scratchy nature.  Contour drawings below in various pens.

 I admit I didn’t try a normal ballpoint drawing.  Weeping Buddha was drawn with the Uniball Vision Elite purple-black.  Images in Stillman & Birn Alpha journal with various Uniball and giveaway pens.  Daniel Smith and QoR watercolor paints.


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