My “Business” Sketchbook: Tiffany Chandeliers Mark Pathways

W14 10 22 WA CAPITOL TIFFANY GLASS 20W14 10 22 WA CAPITOL TIFFANY GLASS 18It is unusual for me to start my sketchbook posts with photographs, but this Tiffany chandelier is simply too beautiful.
I did not do them justice!
They line the hallways and mark entrances
to the various rooms, providing a delicate glow to the halls (see more images below).

The globe is a luminescent milky glass and
I cannot tell how they created the globe
(even with the images, and the above image
I left full size for you).
I laid on my back to get the photograph above.
Yes, people stared.  I am over it!

The design is from the Art Deco period,
and is a throwback to Greek times.
The Etruscan design reminded me of black painted vases, while the color reminded me
of the Athenian red pottery.

W12 MMMMONT ARM AFT4MPFCDrawing slows me and brings me to the details that I overlook when I am simply walking and touring.
I think about Louis Tiffany, the unnamed artists who worked for him, and who inspired him.
Did the architects request these designs?
So much is not discussed in the books we buy.
As I was drawing the details of this chandelier,
my hand remembered drawing the Mason Monterey floral patterns as I have conserved and restored
so many painted decorative pieces of Monterey.
There was one artist who created lovely flourishes.  While drawing I had a physical memory and realized their origin began in the floral flourish above.

W13 STEVE'S DETAILW14 10 22 WA CAPITOL TIFFANY GLASS 15Attention to was paid to the chains and the cover plate in the ceiling.
The elaborate fastener do-hickey (gads I should know the name of the dang thang)
and the chain design, which is a mixture of perfect circles and oblongs.
They THOUGHT about that.  Where is this attention to detail in our world?

W14 10 22 WA CAPITOL TIFFANY GLASS 10All drawn onsite (except the corner do-hickey detail) in a
Stillman & Birn Delta journal (rich ivory paper) with a Lamy Safari pen,
a Noodler’s giveaway pen, and Polar Brown Noodlers ink.
I sketched a layout in pencil (including the do-hickey which I wanted to draw later),
but can FINALLY say I am freeing myself to go quickly to pencil.
In the studio  I added color:  Daniel Smith (Minnesota pipestone,
quinacridone coral, grey), Holbien (quinacridone gold = super creamy), QoR (bohemian green) and Sennelier (raw umber, quinacridone red, white) watercolors.
I roughly put the colors used next to the areas for which they were mixed.



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Images of the Tiffany Chandelier courtesy Mitchell Powell and myself;
Images of the Mason Monterey courtesy MPF Conservation;
Images of vases from Wikipedia, thanks to Marcus Cyron, Luis García, Robert Valette

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7 Responses to My “Business” Sketchbook: Tiffany Chandeliers Mark Pathways

  1. Reblogged this on Mpfconservation's Blog and commented:

    Kate tried to do justice to the Etruscan Art Deco Tiffany Chandeliers in the Washington State Legislative Building.


  2. Faye says:

    The lamp is beautiful as are your drawings.


  3. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful chandelier.


  4. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I can’t imagine trying to get all that depicted in glass since it is difficult enough on paper. Nice job.


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