Printable Cheat Sheet for Tea, Milk and Honey Workshop

Marc Taro Holmes is one of my favorite artists to follow. Here is a small cheat sheet on his Tea Milk Honey in order to create fast watercolor sketches. Yummy too.

Citizen Sketcher

I’ve done up a little ‘cheat sheet’ for my class at the USk Symposium in Paraty. It’s a single page (folded) booklet crammed with notes about my watercolor field sketching process.

Naturally it’s meant as a companion to the workshop, but even if you can’t make it to Brazil, it can still be a handy guide.

I find, once I dive in to a sketch, it goes by in a blur. So it’s good to have a plan in the back of your mind. Maybe tuck the booklet into your sketchbook, and just glance over it before you begin – kind of a refresher about strategy.


You can download THIS PDF FILE, (also found on my Downloads page. Send this link to friend). Then print it and fold it: in half lengthwise, and in half again shortwise – to make the booklet. It’s set up for Letter size (8.5×11″) and uses the entire…

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