Process: Loading my waterbrushes . . .

42 of 75 SKETCHI am doing accounting work this week (argh) but spent time yesterday loading my extra waterbrushes with liquid watercolor.  I had some Luma colors that I have never really used much, and some colors I loaded right out of the bottle (Orchid Blue) and some I mixed.  I want a half-dozen colors to have so I can just grab and sketch, pushing me toward even more spontaneous thinking/journaling.  I am loving no pencil, and this is another step.

The red is a combination of Persimmon, 20 drops Scarlett, and 20 drops Seal Brown.
Not completely satisfied with it but wanted a red hair color, and a red for other things.

The brown is mostly Acorn Brown, with 20 drops of Seal Brown to give it a bit more depth.

The green is a disaster — I wanted Fern Green (it has such great undertones
of warm yellow) but it was the first one I mixed and it was clogging and I emptied it to clean the brush/dropper I inadvertently picked up Orchid Blue and dropped a few
drops in before I realized it.  WOW that toned it toward a grass green.  I decided to flow with it and wait until the next time I fill ’em up.

What I learned?  Before you fill up a waterbrush make sure there is no sediment in the dropper.  If it is not flowing dip it into water to start it.  If it is still not flowing and your liquid watercolors are older, add a few drops of water.

Back to accounting.  My reward is a bit of drawing each time I make headway on business, + comedy at the end of the day with my husband, munching ice cream and berries in bed!

41 of 75 SKETCHUniball Vision Elite and Luma Watercolors in Pentel waterbrushes.


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8 Responses to Process: Loading my waterbrushes . . .

  1. Lainey says:

    Gorgeous colours! As always, loving your work x


  2. artists are always the harshest critics upon themselves, was just joy looking at your work! ps love your header and background


  3. Sammy D. says:

    Yes, UGH to ANY minutes we have to devote to “all things financial”, no matter how necessary. I now give myself permission to wait until the very last minute and no stressing allowed AND I limit myself to 1-2 hours max, then do something fun.

    If I drop dead and the “to do’s” aren’t finished it’s not my problem 🙂


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