Sending You Off to Cathy Johnson’s Blog

She is one of my favorite artists; her perspective is uniquely hers, and is a joy.
Giving you a taste, then off you go — I don’t know how to reblog from blogspot.

Nurturing creativity…or killing it

Last time I explored some of the things (and they are many) that encourage creativity.  Things that delight me, light that spark, make me want to grab the nearest pencil or pen. 
Or yes, try a new Moroccan dish, design a tunic, make some Japanese tsukemono (kraut), solve a prickly problem or try a new approach to writing.  (Thank you Andy Couturier for your book and your class!)

The old Marrakech Cafe is what got me started on the Moroccan-food kick! Now I make my own…

And for me (and for many of us), what can kill creativity–and the desire to create–are several.
Like my very personal discipline of making a list on what nurtures creativity,  I find it helpful to write down those things that do not.  It fixes them in my mind and reminds me to run like a rabbit, for my own sanity and peace.  Sometimes that list is noticeably shorter than the one that inspires creativity, and for that I am grateful.
But somehow this “list” got a bit wordier and a good deal less “listy”! Here goes…
Rules, with a capital R, for one.  You must NOT use this or that tool, you must NOT erase, you MUSTN’T use opaque paint with watercolor–or that feeling that you MUST do something every day, hence creating pressure to produce over being inspired or responding to something you care about.  For her most excellent list, go to Nurturing creativity…or killing it, and follow her – it is so worth it!

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3 Responses to Sending You Off to Cathy Johnson’s Blog

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Hi Katie – hope you’re doing well. It’s been a topsy-turvy time here; seasonal changes always seem to bring other discombobulation. Trying to juggle the balls and hold onto my outdoor time. Sending warm hugs. Sammy


    • It’s been crazy hectic in our business, mostly good news, a flood in senate offices and we are going to assist the fix, but a scheduling nightmare. We are trying to get time off soon too. And my mojo needs to come back, but I understand the issues and will post in a day or two about it. I hadn’t seen you post much and figured you were enjoying the last of the weather in high country!


  2. susanissima says:

    Thanks for the link, Katie. I love the other Kate’s blog, too.


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