Lojong Practice: 3 Friendliness

I continue to keep my lojong journal, and am enjoying drawing in it, a new practice for me!

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I am using Weeping Buddha and the lojong sayings and commentary from Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness by Chogyam Trungpa as a study, together.
I’ve been practicing
tonglen for almost three decades, and it is my main practice.
This is the third weekly installment.  To start at the beginning go here.

2014 3 LOJONG 300dpi copyThe first time I heard a lojong teaching, I took a few notes, scribbled in my journal alongside some architectural building schematic.

Then in my early thirties I bought Trungpa at the Bodhi Tree when his book literally fell on my head.  I read it pretty quickly (I read most things quickly), yellow marker in hand.  I thought it was great, but could not relate.  Next.  “Where was I going to find the book to fix me?”  I bought ten more books, and read them all quickly, not quite fixing me.  (And for those of you…

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