The Secret of Drawing from the BBC: Videos

I am posting these as much for me as to share with you!

Apparently this week I am becoming a vlog site!  I have not had time to review but they looked so interesting . . .   “This four part series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, explores how drawing has shaped our lives. Join him to discover the history of drawing and its relevance to the modern world.”  On YouTube.

“The Secret of Drawing” Episode 1: “The Line of Enquiry” 2005


“The Secret of Drawing” Episode 2: “Storylines” 2005


“The Secret of Drawing” Episode 3: “All In The Mind” 2005


“The Secret of Drawing” Episode 4: “Drawing by Design” 2005

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6 Responses to The Secret of Drawing from the BBC: Videos

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Watched first one – just fascinating. He even makes drawing with human blood sound reasonable!
    Thank you! Will definitely look at all of them.


  2. first I want to say thanks for all your likes and comments, you are a great follower to have!
    second I want to compliment you on a fascinating and wide rangìng blog, thanks so much for the tonglen reminder, I am a follower of Pema Chodrons writings too, though I have got very lazy withmy practice , lately
    third, thanks for these videos, I will watch on the desktop sometime soon, I have watched a couple of Andrew GD’s programmes about the art of China recently, he is a fabulous presenter
    Take care and happy drawing and blogging and meditating 🙂


  3. susanissima says:

    Katie, you’re just awesome for posting these videos. When I get back to the Pacific Northwest R and I will have a video night and watch them. I know he’ll be thrilled, too! Gracias, amor.<3


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