Dark of the Moon, She Dreams

She is one of my best watercolors to date, where I was able to paint what I had in my head.
For awhile I will still be reblogging my LunarMoondae site, in preparation for the classes I will teach.  Have a Sleepy New Moon!

Lunar Moondae

W14 6 10 She Dreams During the Dark of the Moon 4 copy

This moonth, as I worked my cycle, I found I had few words and painted as much as possible.  I struggled in the beginning with what and how to teach lunar journaling.

I have journaled since my first “Dear Diary” and drawn in my architectural journals.
I only recently began “art journaling,” the new phrase for an old idea.  In naming it you create it in a new light, make it a something where before it was just what happened when an artist had a journal and doodled or recorded what they saw or what they felt.

Not having the words for the class, I had to fall back on what I do when I am not writing and have the luxury of wet paint near me; I painted.  In painting with watercolors, in working through the frustrations of a new medium (I have far far to go),
I had…

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