Quan Yin Sits

W14 6 9 Quan Yin Sits  1Blue ink with Cocoiro pen and waterbrush (lightly) on Okima OE NOTES sketchbook.
Learning to be faster and less structured, less pencil, more ink.

Then I played with her in watercolors: Daniel Smith and Golden’s QoR.
I enjoyed hitting a new palette today, bright pinks and maroon.
Gemstone, transparent and opaque watercolors: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise,
Hematite, Quinacridones, Cobalt Blues, Sap Greens, and of course,
Lapis Lazuli and Caput Mortem and Indanthrone for the sky.
I am not used to working with opaque paints — I like transparent paints best.
At one point she was too dark and murky,
and I tried removing paint by adding water.
Then I played with painting with water over dried colors in several.

It’s all an experiment, and speaking of Zen,
having child’s mind is best in all things creative:
inquisitive, play-full, a grand game where nobody wins and it goes on and on.

W14 6 11 Quan Yin 1        

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13 Responses to Quan Yin Sits

  1. Sammy D. says:

    “Clear mind centuries apart”. Lovely! I thought of you last night as I paused in closing my blinds to revel in moonglow.


    • Don’t you find it funny how we make friends on the internet? I am still a bit amazed at the people I think about and write to and sometimes even meet now after having and electronic connection.


  2. Sammy D. says:

    Yes, I do! I’m not sure whether it is optimal – it’s probably easier to give our online buddies the personalities we’d like them to have rather than hassle with relationships face-to-face. But it works for me at this time in my life. Introvert, jaw therapy that precludes talking, and recovering from a 10-year-long, recently broken “best” friendship with a woman I thought I knew… I still have people I connect with face-to-face, but the joy I get in my soul from sites like yours and interaction with people like you is boundless and much appreciated!


  3. Janet says:

    This is beautiful…I need to practice being looser with my drawings. I start out trying and then find myself being very detailed again.


  4. There’s something about the sketch without color that I really like. Maybe because it all feels like water at that point. Hmmmm.


  5. Marji says:

    beautiful – I too need to try and be a bit looser. I’m going to take a stab at a sketchbook this next week and see what comes of it – need to draw more and you are fine inspiration 🙂


  6. Valerie-Jael says:

    Beautiful work with a wonderful flow. Valerie


  7. Very beautiful. I like how the colors brought the piece all together. Wonderful


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