Journal: Trip to Southern Oregon

W14 4 11 JAI SLEEPING  1 copyWe have a guy that is our beloved pal, and he is getting old.  He is driving us nuts, because he somehow thinks that he has earned the right to boss us, and have everything the way he wants it.  He wails when we leave, and at night, he demands his center of the bed.  This is all fine, except that in his new demando stage he also thinks he can be completely impolite in the night.  He woke me this blood moon night at 2am, schlurping his you-know-what so loudly, and batting my hand when I tried to stop him!  Since I am an insomniac, I keep Cocoiro pens and Neocolor II next to the bed in order to sketch (Mitchell sleeps through everything.)  After getting me up, he curled down to look like the sweetest-cuddly-kitty-so-cute, NOT!

My lack of sleep would not have been terrible except the next day at 6am we were driving five hours south to Southern Oregon to deliver the original lampshade and the new reproduction to the Oregon Caves National Monument.

That night I also drew my own imaginary version of the blood moon . . .

W14 4 16 DRIVE TO ORCA 3Oregon in April is amazing.  I’ve not been to Ireland, but our April colors rival the greens I’ve seen in pictures.  My new brilliant watercolors had arrived: Phthalo Light Green, Amethyst, Green Gold, Opera Pink, New Gamboge, Quinophthalo Yellow!  I was able to capture amazing fields of green, patches of wild grape hyacinth, fields of mustard, chinkapins in bud, and the very beginning of the dogwoods.  In Portland, the Hawthorns were also in bloom on the streets in NW.W14 4 16 DRIVE TO ORCA 4When I was a kid in lalaland we had Hawthorn Boulevard.  I always assumed it was a man, because if we had hawthorns, I never saw them in bloom in San Fernando Valley.  Then I moved to Oregon, and the deep red of the hawthorn blossoms, which look a bit like a wild rose, made me fall in love with the tree.  I wait every year for the trees to burst forth with their lovely pink-red blossoms.

ORIGIN Old English hagathorn, probably meaning literally ‘hedge thorn’; related to Dutch haagdoorn, German Hagedorn .


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15 Responses to Journal: Trip to Southern Oregon

  1. Annette G says:

    Lots of great projects, thank you for sharing. Happy PPF, Annette x


  2. Your cat sketch is absolutely lovely. You must love your old cat so much. Made me laugh that he woke you licking his you know whats. I have 2 guinea pigs but they sleep through the night unless they hear me walking around the kitchen when they start squeaking thinking it might be time for breakfast. Happy PPF


  3. laurie says:

    oh you made me laugh, but you also made sigh with the beauty of your work,


  4. Joy Corcoran says:

    Great post. I loved seeing all your journal pages. The lampshade is lovely. I agree Oregon has the world’s most lovely spring. Thanks for capturing and sharing some of it.


  5. Beautiful work, I love pages with flowers and writing. I’ve not been in Oregon in spring but I can imagine it. Must be lovely.


  6. Sammy D. says:

    That must have been a happy trip for you because it comes through in your journaling! Yay for gifts on the road.


  7. Jo says:

    Loved reading this….. from cats to Portland and your awesome art.


  8. Great art all around. I am interested in know where you live, Portland? I live in Florence and my mom in Cave Jct. You passed her house on your way up to the Caves.
    Have a happy weekend


    • zenkatwrites says:

      Yes, NW Portland it is — Love Florence, and your beadwork is lovely. I know another bead artist from Southern Oregon, Susanne Warner. Do you know her? Happy to you too —


  9. happytiler says:

    Wonderful journal pages…poor you with kitty…I had that with dogs for years! They are worth it but what a pain! Wonderful lampshade too!

    Hugs Giggles


  10. Laila says:

    Lovely journal work, I’m so impressed with people that can produce beautiful stuff at night. I love the lamp shade too, really awesome.


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