1584 by Hahnemühle Giveaway!

The new 1584 Journal by Hahnemühle was sent to me for review by Hahnemühle.

They also sent me two journals for giveaway!

I added everything you need for your first day out with your journal!
To enter, sign up below tell me how you use your journals.

Entries close midnight the 22 of February;
winners (2) will be drawn and announced on 23d of February!
I will pick one winner from this blog and one from Instagram.
Comment below!
Yes you can enter in both!

(To enter separately on Instagram — follow those directions.)

Two chances to win a journal!
(so sorry, USA peeps only…)

BTW, they can be purchased at Wet Paint Art and Hyatt!
Last day for the sale at Wet Paint Art!

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28 Responses to 1584 by Hahnemühle Giveaway!

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Very nice Kate. I love the new carousel horse you guys are restoring. We’ll be in St Augustine soon and I always try to catch a ride on their antique carousel there. It is still like flying to me. I always choose the tallest horse. 😊
    My journals are filled with my dreams and if the dream moves me with imagery, I sketch it in with whatever pen I have handy. I began journaling when I was reading The Artist’s Way. I hope your Valentine’s Day was special. Have a great weekend.


    • I have to check out the carousel in St. Augustine…
      As I’ve read some of your poetry I think that may be written in journals as well? This would be a god journal for you!
      You have a good weekend too.


  2. dkcaselton says:

    Oh wow. How do I enter to win this wonderful journal? I would really love to have this especially with the multiple ribbon bookmarks! I am going to be having surgery in April and will be on medical leave for four weeks. I want to use that time to journal and will want to sketch people and surroundings (if I can). I also I will need a section to track some daily health and med progress stuff (I want to make it fun bullet journal style). Your review is amazing.


  3. mjmarmo says:

    I am currently using journals to document the wonderful words that come out of my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter’s mouth. She is so funny and clever and has us laughing most of the day. I have been writing things down for a good 6 months. I think she will enjoy looking back at this when she is older.


  4. Kim says:

    I LOVE Hahnemuhle sketchbooks. so I would like to try their journal as well. My journals are an ongoing conversation with myself. Some discussions are better expresses visually, some need words, and some require both. So I always have several on the go at any given time!

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  5. Roxane says:

    My journals are my lifeline and travel with me everywhere I go. I have memory loss issues and so I write everything down. I also use them for sketching when I am out. Recently I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. My journal has been my safe place and refuge as I travel this journey. It truly is my best friend.


  6. I won’t actually enter the giveaway, because that would be greedy. I just wanted to say that I have the Lilac version and I love it. I use it for artwork, lists and creating step-outs for my Fun & Easy animals.


    • I understand… I don’t enter yours either — and the middle part is fun — I had not thought I would use it but I do for both sketching and for budget income for the business. Then I know where I wrote about it — and I only do that about once a month so I will have plenty of pages for it.


  7. I will have to order one! I love notebooks and sketchbooks, so having both in one is nice. I keep a daily journal, sketch daily, and am big on note taking on paper. I often write down or roughly sketch things I see or hear or want to remember. Dot grid is my preference for writing. It’s also a convenient size to carry around. Hardbound, sewn binding books are my preference, because wire bindings get pulled apart/bent, and soft bindings are difficult to use when you don’t have a table or desk. So, this checks a lot of boxes.


  8. stacyhannon8769 says:

    Hi, thank you for offering such a rad giveaway! I use my art journals as a coping mechanism to help me get through all the loss we have had recently. It started with my Hero, my Daddy, because of evil cancer. Also, all of mine and my husband’s grandparents, our Granny, Sister in Law, four dear friends, my Mom, from an overdose, the week before you lost your beautiful Mom, my best friend for the last 23 years, who was also my Mom in Law, and just very recently, my little sister, who was also my best friend. It’s been a lot in a very short amount of time. Thankfully, I discovered watercolor, and art journals. (I learned about the journals from discoving your blog and I will always be grateful to you for that!) When I paint or draw, I am able to get out of my own head and just enjoy the process and it has been truly amazing. Art, and my belief that when a loved one dies, it’s not good bye, but see you later, really helped me cope. It also allowed me to be strong for my husband and sons, when they needed it most. Anyways, I hope that you and yours have a beautiful week. Much Love and Respect, Stacy


    • Oh wow Stacy — seems we’ve both been hit by many losses in a short time.
      I am SO happy to hear I offered a way through for you.
      Yes, journaling does help — especially when I cannot talk to the person for whatever reason, I can write to them and write through the issues. Often they are still alive but perhaps unwilling to resolve things — sometimes it is because they are dead — sometimes it is for my own clarity I write before I talk to someone. Anyway, i am glad to know I made a difference in your life. Makes this crazy blog worthwhile. And you live in the USA, right?


  9. atoomre says:

    Hi Kate! I use my sketchbooks for drawing, painting and taking notes in. Journals with thinner paper are for writing in. I have morning pages journals and also a couple of journals to start to keep me on track with coaching others and coaching myself. Also I’ve never tried out a Hahnemuhle sketchbook but have wanted to because of your reviews.


  10. Louise says:

    This looks as if it would be a fun journal to use. I like the idea of 3 different sections. Thanks for your review!


  11. Ann says:

    I always love trying new Hahnemuhle products. This journal looks great. And, Katie — you always inspire me. I like ink, too!


  12. susan debourguignon says:

    hello kate! i love your art and am disgusted by the lawyer debacle over f*ware. i love my pieces. i hadn’t heard of these journals. i would like to use one of these for a mixed media art journal. that’s usually what happens with most of my journals … art over journaling.


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