Sketchbook Project: My Prayer for our Ocean

Last night I mailed in my submission to the Sketchbook Project,
the project out of Brooklyn whereby people from all over the world buy a small sketchbook, fill it, choose to have it imaged or not, and it becomes part of the museum and/or travels the country! My subject is Underwater, a topic near and dear to my heart.

I grew up in Laguna Beach, California.
My relationship with the ocean was formed in an area that spanned from
Doheny State Park (before they ruined it with that damn marina) to Balboa Island.
Water, swimming, shells, and sea creatures occupied my life from 9 to 20.

A blessed life!

I am SO upset about what is happening to our oceans…
The sadness has been building for years.  Somehow current political events are making me lose hope that “we” will never wake up.  I don’t know why people think that fouling their waters is a good idea… My brother Patrick was a hiker and taught me never to pee in the woods within sight of a body of water precisely because that same water could be your drinking water.  If it makes sense to a 5-year-old hiking with her brother then it should make sense to grownups the world over.  I thought that maybe people had to hear my  story, and maybe a fire would be lite to stop abusing the ocean (and the planet!)

This is my Prayer for our Ocean; click through to see it larger.

Places where you can find ways to help:

Things you can do to help our oceans:
I include a good list of what needs to be done to change where we are headed.
And lest you think you can’t do what has to be done, it is only a matter of how much of a polite pain in the backside you want to become.  It is not enough to choose wisely, you need to talk about your choices so that becomes an important conversation you have with others.  Supermarkets do listen… be the squeaky wheel.  And while being polite, say these things so others can overhear them… Then they become interested.  I believe MOST people (not politicians but normal people) will do the right thing given the chance.

I’ve been battling our local chain for years for to make a choice about Certified  Humane meats, which are also usually organic (or lower impact) and sustainably raised.
I talked to the various meat workers about it, even if they rolled their eyes (but not when the lines were deep) and gave them information on what I wanted them to buy.  I wrote letters.  This month, they are finally dropping Draper’s (bruised chickens = tortured chickens) and moving to Smart Chicken, which is Certified Humane, and affordable.
I didn’t say cheap, but $3/lb for organic humane chicken is not bad…
We eat less meat now anyway than we used to eat, make it stretch into other
bean and rice dishes, and so two chickens can make six days worth of meals..
You can make a difference… but you have to get fired up.
Reduce your carbon footprint!
Protect endangered species and other animals in your area!

The sketchbook: I set myself design parameters, that is, I worked with the
poor paper and made it sing as best I could, and used only a few other items tipped in or pasted in, mostly because of the writing going straight through the thin paper.


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21 Responses to Sketchbook Project: My Prayer for our Ocean

  1. this is beautiful…


  2. sharonnolfi says:

    Fantastic project! I share your love and concern for our oceans. Thanks for doing the sketchbook and sending it out into the world.


  3. I agree 100%. We can all do our part to help this universe.


  4. wendybarner says:

    Amazing work! Thanks for sharing! xo


  5. I love your chosen theme and the art work. Well done on mailing yours in. I finished mine back in December but I have not mailed it in yet. I have this “not good enough” worry. I will do it though.


  6. John R says:

    Lovely work in your sketchbook. Wonderful.


  7. Marie-OR says:

    What a wonderful idea! And what fun to participate. Great pages…really loved the fish and starfish!


  8. Beth says:

    I am a “tree hugger,” and an ocean lover from the time I was little. Here in Oregon, we were taught to NEVER throw our trash out onto the roadways. These days I watch people do it all the time. Garbage seems to grow everywhere. (sigh) I LOVE your artwork. Your watercolors are just amazing.


  9. sandee says:

    I’ve read about the sketchbook project, it’s a shame that the journals have such poor paper in them, however, you did a fabulous job with them.


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