Tools: Nostalgie Sketchbook by Hahnemühle

Happy New Year!

And here is to the Hahnemühle company,
whose journals may be my new go-to journal!


There are several journals made by Hahnemühle, and I have four to try.
Full disclosure is they asked me to test them after I bought my first one,
but that will make no nevermind in my review.
Based on test drive of my first journal,
I have a feeling that I am going to love all their products.

How great to start the year
with a new journal I love!


The journal I chose for the new year is an A5 Nostalgie, 190 gm/90 lb, 80 pages,
smooth as a baby’s tushie. I usually do not use smooth papers, but am loving this!
The books open completely flat with no signs of stress to do so, and the pages are secure.
I wish it had a band to close it but I am clipping it shut when I throw it in my bag,
and frankly, the binding and paper are so lovely I am more than willing to do so.
I also pasted an envelope in the back.

Above, I threw ink in layers (left), then a simple black brush and red ink,
then watercolor (right), and the paper took all three well!  I was disappointed in the
depth of color on the watercolor (right) but I was using cheap paints.


The detail above is from a sketch about someone being mad.
Three layers of thick dripped on ink (smokey mind poisons),
followed by Daniel Smith Primatek Lapis (granular)
and then I wasn’t satisfied by  the red drawing below
so I dripped more thick bloody ink on this.
Nostalgie took it all and barely rippled
(though I do use clips when painting, I still find that most papers buckle.)


The cover of the journal is a very nice material, which will make so many people happy because it feels so good in the hand.  I promptly stuck one of my own stickers on it…

Sending you to their home site because you are all over the world,
and their site will tell you the closest place to purchase.
I think so far only one place carries them in the USA,
Wet Paint, which is a very nice online art store!

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