Kamala in Four Seasons

W16 2 11 Kamala Four Seasons 01Kamala lived outside for many years before coming into our home.
We did what we could to take care of her — she wasn’t feral,
but was uncomfortable with us because we told her to go home
when we first moved into the house.
We assumed she had a home.

W16 2 11 Kamala Four Seasons 06In spring we’d see her tail hooked above the tall green-gold grasses
before she pounced on her dinner.
Tail wandering across the property,
she’d jump straight into the air,
and soon she would be dragging something into the oak tree…

W16 2 11 Kamala Four Seasons 09 SUMMERSummer she would sometimes sit on the deck.
We stopped seeing her hunt during the days in summer.
Maybe we missed it, but I always thought she might be hunting
in the early morning or at dusk, when the light was dim,
and the creatures unsuspecting.

W16 2 11 Kamala Four Seasons 12She was always fast, and even now with her pudgy tummy, she is fast as a whip!
Year round we had water in a metal drum out for critters, and a special bowl for Kamala.

W16 2 11 Kamala Four Seasons 16Winter we really worried about her.
Raccoons are crafty thieves.
We had to watch and devise ways to keep food and water for her separately
in a difficult place for the raccoons to reach, even with their excellent climbing skills.
We made a toasty wool bed for her in the carport,
and we saw evidence that at least some of the time she slept there.

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I’m happy she decided to come with us when we moved.
She’s the smartest cat I’ve ever met!

Pentalic Nature Sketch Journal with a Pentalic 2B woodless pencil, Platinum Carbon pen, Lamy Al-Star pen; Noodler’s and Super5 inks,
and Greenleaf & Blueberry, Daniel Smith , Holbien, and QoR watercolors.

W16 2 6 Govinda Jai One Week 07 200  W16 2 6 Govinda Jai One Week 07 200  W16 2 6 Govinda Jai One Week 07 200  W16 2 6 Govinda Jai One Week 07 200

©D. Katie Powell.
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6 Responses to Kamala in Four Seasons

  1. Kim says:

    So sweet, I laughed out loud at Spring!


  2. The cat tail in the cattails is hilarious! Love it! And the one with her reclining above the carport is sweet.


  3. Such a sweet and entertaining picture story.


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