Gratitude Journal: Greenleaf and Blueberry Handmade Paints

I sell on Etsy and also try to buy from Etsy small business folks.
Recently I bought five paints from Greenleaf & Blueberry.   They are lovely!
And they are only a few hours away in Bellingham, Washington.
When I saw the Mayan Red and Mayan Violet, I thought of anemones immediately!
(And see I did my dyslexic thang and reversed letters in my journal!  Damn!)

The experience was like getting a present.  I wish I photographed it but I wanted the goodies and so did not stop — but they came wrapped beautifully and thoughtfully.

I am grateful for color, grateful for watercolor, and
grateful for the jewelry sales that allowed me to purchase from this lovely shop!

Daniel Smith recently discontinued Cote d’Azur, a color I use a lot.  G&B makes it, as you can see in the bottom wrapper and the color of the sand, below.  Theirs is much grittier, like a DS Primatek, and so I may have to buy Windsor Newton’s as well, but this is delightful, and  can use it for buildings and sandy beaches . . . Just not for skin tones.

I work with a lot of charcoal and hematite colors.
G&B has two that I bought and I am so happy with both of them.

W15il_570xN.802465557_m12dThe Magnetite is a dark clean charcoal color, as opposed to DS Hematite,
which I also love, but which has a slightly bloody tint to it.
I used it in the center of the flowers and the curve of the vase.

W15il_570xN.802678018_3xtlThe Shungite is like painting with charcoal, smooth and oh so what I wanted!
I used it for the tiny dots around the center . . . I will use this constantly!

I hope they are okay with me stealing their photos off their etsy shop!
I highly recommend them.  Handmade paints are different than commercial —
they have a bit more body is the only way I can describe it!

Moleskin 8×11 watercolor journal, Pentalic HB woodless pencil,
A cheap office supply Sheaffer calligraphy pen, Pilot Parallel pen, and Platinum Carbon pen,   Greenleaf & Blueberry and Daniel Smith watercolors.


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14 Responses to Gratitude Journal: Greenleaf and Blueberry Handmade Paints

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Very lifelike flowers. Gorgeous colors and petals. Your enthusiasm is contagious 💖


  2. Linda K says:

    what a really lovely painting!! I primarily work with acrylics but have been taking some online classes , reading books and playing with sketching and watercolors. Still much of a learning process. Thank you for sharing about the handmade watercolors along with the links! Happy PPF!


    • Linda I primarily worked with acrylics for many years. I stepped into watercolors in January 2014 primarily because of space, and really love them. My first year was very much about learning the medium. I am just now getting to the point of experimenting with watercolors and inks the way I did with acrylics. I have enjoyed being part of a great FB group where I learned so much from some amazing water-colorists — including Brenda Swensen, Cathy Johnson, and Shari Blaukoft. Cathy has good DVD’s and many free videos on youtube. Craftsy is another good source. I took one round of Sketchbook Skool but only found a few teachers to my liking, and prefer classes where I “own” the class and can come back to look if I want to, plus SS seems to be a better class for real beginners. I am not a beginner but a mid-life change artist! I also have seen some hyped classes that I found to be pretty bad (will remain nameless). Do you have a blog/website? Thanks — Kate


  3. Those colours look amazing and the shungite looks perfect… I would be using that all the time as well. Great post, beautiful painting and amazing paints… Thinking I need to check them out which makes me grateful for having wonderful cyber friends who share their wonderful finds


  4. Clare says:

    Fabulous. Happy PPF


  5. Fantastic ! An awesome painting is this!


  6. sproutingcreativewings says:

    those flowers are beautiful.visiting from PPF. Hugs xo


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