Buddha Faces

This week I was off my game — drugs do not make for better art, and I hurt my hip.
So for better or worse, I decided to draw and paint Buddha’s head.
I have several statues, which makes it easier, as I have a still model.
I want to paint very abstract renditions of his face, but this was NOT the time
for that, so I played.  I admit to tossing a few.
These are acceptable.  Below, Moody Buddha!

W14 6 15 Buddha Face


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9 Responses to Buddha Faces

  1. I think this was a good choice. I hope it helped ease the pain or at least help you move your focus elsewhere. I’ve seen many a decrepit elder, hobbled by arthritis or other infirmity, suddenly come to life at the piano, the violin, the drawing board. Art not only provides sustenance, it heals and facilitates the release of those vital endorphins.


  2. susanissima says:

    Good idea to turn to art of Buddha when in pain. Art is a two-way portal, like breath, and I like to think that we can paint the pain away as we inhale a new perspective (pain, at least for me, poisons my normally positive outlook).

    An aside: What do you know of being a crone, Katie? Do you consider yourself one? I’m having myself a little think on the idea. ❤


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