K is for Kyanite: A-to-Z Challenge

Kyanite is on my must-have list; it is from the line of raw looking gemstone watercolors from Daniel Smith.  It is a naturally sparkling not-quite lavender blue grey, yummy, and it is winging its way to me to day!  Soon I will paint with this extraordinary soft color.

Kyanite’s name comes from the word for deep blue, “kyanos“.  Because it is a silicate mineral, it shimmers slightly.  It can come in a green blue to dark blue, above.  I wear it too, and according to folklore, it is said to help with communication and meditation, probably due to the throat chakra color.  Travelers took kyanite with them and suspended it to create a makeshift compass.

Kyanite and green prehnite necklace set for sale by me on Zibbet.


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Dark Blue Kyanite and Denim Blue Kyanite courtesy Wikipedia.

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1 Response to K is for Kyanite: A-to-Z Challenge

  1. slfinnell says:

    Lovely gemstone!


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