Virtual Walk

I realize many don’t want to belong to FB, so i am trying an experiment.
The downside is that notifications are not quite working properly on
Doodlewash yet for groups (Charlie has his hands full with WorldWatercolorMonth
— so I have to remember to check in…

Images are from Wiki or Google unless you see a Flickr note.  You must give credit to the images of you post them publicly, and here are the three pages from Wiki:
Palace Guell and more
Casa Batllo
Casa Mila

Perhaps you should download the images?

Our walk for August is on Barcelona, this time celebrating Antonio Gaudi.
It’s been a stretch for our group to tackle this kind of architecture.
I’ve been suggesting contour drawing or draawing details.
Lots of people do a map too…
We are starting at the World Trade Center and moving to Casa Mila.

The first leg of the walk, from the World Trade Center to Palace Guell:

At Palace Guell:

Leaving Palace Guell and walking to Casa Batllo:

Leaving Casa Batllo and walking up to Casa Mila:

Go sketch!  Post on Doodlewash —
or you can join FB and just limit your self to the places you want to go!
(We have a lot of fun, and the group is closed to public so very safe, no trolls.)