Bio of sorts

W11 SPRED FINISH ASPH 69hollywood baby turned beach gurl turned steel&glass city gurl turned cowgurl turned herb gurl turned green city gurl. . .
artist writer photographer conservator. . .
cat lover but misses our big dogs, gone to heaven. . .
buddhist began as zennie then turned to tibetan AND interested in the study of various spiritual traditions. . .
foodie, organic, lover of all things mik, partner in conservation business, making a dream happen
insomniac who is either reading mysteries or autobio journal thangs or buddhism early in the morning when i can’t sleep. . .
lover of dotz . . . and dashes –

dkatiepowellart the blog is about my process, or, all things art related.
i talk about what gets into my head when painting,
about materials i like or don’t like, and why.
if you want to read more about my artwork processes. . .

if you want to learn to art journal with the lunar cycle (you don’t need any experience). . .

then there is my buddhist-political-familial writings . . .

if you want to read my not-often food blog. . .

and if you should want to purchase original art
various cards, t-shirts, bags, pillows, et all at RedBubble. . .
(contact me if an image is not up for sale on either)

my husband and i are in partnership together at mpf conservation, and write a blog together about our work, very informally


and i have a jewelry line that i sell on ETSY

award free

12 Responses to Bio of sorts

  1. Thank you for your input on my portrait blog “Silicon Valley Types”. If you find nowhere to comment, on any post click the number near the title at the top (0-1-2-etc) to get the comment menu. Like your drawings a lot! Thanks for following my blog and giving input too!–Carol


  2. Thanks for following my blog …I’ve enjoyed my visit here and look forward to seeing more of your posts in the future. It’s always great to find another follower of the path.


  3. Julia says:

    Hi Kate, Thank you so much for your kind comment on my last post. I have been admiring your journaling art diaries of your travels for some time, as I can’t travel myself, I feel so much as if I have been there when I see your art, the feelings you convey are so much more than a photo could ever do. I love your writing also, just lovely.


    • Thank Julia — this last month if you’ve been following has been a month of fake journaling — It is really fun. April is the International Fake Journaling Month! And you have a lovely blog!


  4. It must be very gratifying to possess art skills like yours. Your sketches are just wonderful. 🙂


  5. GP Cox says:

    Pleased to meet you, Kate.


  6. quiall says:

    You have such a gift! Thank you for following my blog.


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