SoCS: Anti-Social

I  journal and do morning stream of consciousness exercises, and
I’m again participating in Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday
I write to a timer, 15-20 minutes, no editing except spelling, and of course I add my art!
You can do it too!
The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “social.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “social.”

When I first heard the word for today, I thought of social media, and was going to write about how it is not making us more social, but maybe ill-mannered and righteous.

Then this morning I read news while waking, which I almost never do.

So here is the thing, my opinion.

The USA is a giant narcissistic antisocial two-year-old who cannot deal with facts
(many scientific ideas about global warming, for instance, including memory of normal weather, but no real scientist that is saying it is not happening),
and even if they did, does not care about the welfare of their children,
their grandchildren, and so I say, the worst kind of narcissistic child ever.  EVER.

This is non-partisan.  Maybe more Dems discuss it, but wait,
in the last election the Democratic candidate give it a bit of lip service but was unconvincing because she was unconvinced of its importance,
and the other one is the poster boy for the narcissistic two year old.
*I am over apologizing to Trump supporters…
I mean, come on: Megalomaniac crazy man.  You picked the wrong child.*
Obama talked about having this or that done by 2020 and here we are…
I guess they thought we had time despite what scientists said.
Nothing done, not really.

I mean, we have to get moving, each and every one of us.

The USA does more damage than any other Western society,
as they live in homes sized for their activity and family size,
drive less, waste less, use less fossil fuel…
Our war machine, which is not necessary, is a huge culprit;
this is what made me skip writing about social media this morning
and focus on our general stupidity as a nation.
It is not that the two year old is stupid, but two year olds grow up
in the face of peers who don’t like them, facts,
and being shunned by parents who say “go to your room.”
If they don’t, they become dangerous madpersons..

I don’t see us growing up.

Sine qua non.
Without this, nothing.

For the rules, go to Linda’s blog;  feel free to join the fun!

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8 Responses to SoCS: Anti-Social

  1. Dan Antion says:

    This (the Earth) will take care of itself. We just won’t survive as a species to see it.


  2. JoAnna says:

    It’s a frightening situation, but I believe there is still hope.


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