Quan Yin and Mimi’s Clock Pins

My grandmother left me an odd stash of
ten little clock pins with mother-of-pearl faces.
I don’t know why she had ten.
I don’t know why she had them at all as they
don’t look like something she would’ve worn.
She wore flowery things and pearls and metals, but this is so modern!
Perhaps they were for a group she was part of, the Grange or some such thing?
Symbolic of an event?  I’ll never know.

I sold many of them finally, but kept one and
strung it on matte black hematite beads with tiny
Karan Tribe sterling beads for myself.

They eventually were draped on my resin Quan Yin statue,
which sits on a small altar in my studio.

I am able to remember my Mimi and OM when I gaze upon her!
Rituals are  important in these trying times; this brings joy to my heart.
What rituals do you do that lift your heart?

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5 Responses to Quan Yin and Mimi’s Clock Pins

  1. Making food. It connects me with my mother and the essence of life. The stuff that sustains us, nourishes us in so many ways, and helps to create community. Food.


  2. Great post Katie, very moving. So many memories of my Mum’s Mum, ‘Little Gran’! I have an alabaster Buddha beside my bed, from my Paternal Grandfather’s travels. And I keep photos of my parents (their wedding photo from 1947) and other family photos, around my chair by the stove where I have my morning coffee. I seem to have many of my ‘rituals’ around coffee breaks. ‘Things’, probably far too many of them, are great reminders. There is a small battered copper coal scuttle that lives by the sitting room stove, reminds me of how Little Gran collected pine for cones for fire lighting. And there is a far larger, grander scuttle, known as a ‘fireman’s helmet’ scuttle, that belonged to my other Gran (Big Gran!), who was grander and had a ‘man’ who brought it into the house full of coal every morning! The big scuttle gets used to stand our Christmas tree in every year now, and for that it gets its annual polish with Brasso! And the smell of the Brasso always takes me back to a kitchen table long ago. Thanks Kate x


    • I love this memory! I have too many things (I’ve heard, tho not from Mitchell) and a while back I decided to draw them in this one little book, with the significance next to it. Otherwise, when I am long gone, who will know WHY I love the little ball chain that I threw for my first favorite buddy friend cat, and keep in the silly mug with our picture on it? The memories are in the objects!


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