Sketchbook Project: Underwater, 2018

I am again participated in the Sketchbook Project, the project out of Brooklyn
whereby people from all over the world buy a small sketchbook, fill it,
choose to have it imaged or not, and it sits in the museum and/or travels the country!
My subject is Underwater, a topic near and dear to my heart.

I grew up in Laguna Beach, California.
My relationship with the ocean was formed in an area that spanned from
Doheny State Park (before they ruined it with that damn marina) to Balboa Island.
Water, swimming, shells, and sea creatures occupied my life from 9 to 20.

A blessed life!

The project topic was timely for me because I am
so so SO upset about what is happening to our oceans…
I have been for years… but somehow events are now making me
see that maybe “we” will never wake up.
Stay tuned for the entire journal to be scanned and posted!

In the meantime, a few vignettes…

Materials:  I wish the Sketchbook Project would offer good paper —
the paper is basically like copy paper!
Their response is to change it yourself!
I don’t want to make a book, thank you, and it is easy to do this
when you are ordering yours made (gads charge more for those who want it)!
At least this year I knew about it going in,
so I had an idea of how I might handle the poor quality paper…
I do a wash that is quick and do not double back or it is awful!
I will be writing in the book too, but this is a teaser of the watercolors!

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8 Responses to Sketchbook Project: Underwater, 2018

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Beautiful Kate. I’m not sure if you get my comments or not but I live this.


  2. I’ve thought about doing this, but learned the hard way not to take on too many projects. I love what you’re doing in your sketchbook!


    • I don’t think I would have done it again — the paper is such a pain — but I have had a project swirling in my head and then they had it as their suggested topic and I figured it was kismet.


  3. I know, ritght??!? The paper in their books is awful. IT’s the biggest reason I’ve not don one since I did it first about 8 years ago. Too much trouble to change paper, I don’t bind books myself then to worry about doing it good enough to survive handling AND make sure you fulfill their requirements. Too stressful. i’ve wanted to do it again. i wish they’d just offer a more expensive book. I’d pay double to participate on good watercolor paper.


  4. loisajay says:

    The teaser is beautiful–looking forward to more, Kate!


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