Tools: Viviva Colorsheets and Hello Inktober

Viviva is a new watercolor “sheet” out of India.
I bought them through their Indiegogo campaign.
Watercolor sheets are meant to travel with a waterbrush, so that you simply touch the wet brush to the colored paper and the color transfers to your brush, then to paper.

*telling you my bias up-front, i like to mix colors and i like wet watercolors,
so paper travel colors have not been my thang… that said…*

I like the booklet.  Peerless makes a sheet format and most people tend to cut their
sheets up and tape them into a palette for travel. That is a lot of work for paints where
the selling point is convenience!   This is nice because the book can be thrown
into your purse or pocket, and stays intact, color-tabbed for convenience.

I sampled the colors over their names so I would not have to look at a palette behind the book. Wax paper sits between the color so that no transference of colors is possible.

They’ve thought this through, and I like that.

The colors are brilliant, best for doodles — or graphically inclined artists.
The palette also might make a good city palette… and I want more greens and browns!
Portland is still a green (trees) and brick and grey city.
I have no idea if they are colorfast… but I see them for sketchbooks at any rate!

Again, as I am a wet watercolorist, these paints are at a disadvantage with me.
I think with a little practice the doodle below would not be streaky, but I went back in twice on the large orange and pink and yellow flower, seeing the intensity, and ended up with some streaks.  On all the trials I found that I had to move pretty quickly or
it was potentially streaky.  I found they worked best when I did not try to take just
a tiny bit of color, so I didn’t have to go back in for a second brushstroke.

I bought the two-for package, and am throwing one into my purse to take along
with my waterbrush, so I think you will see more sketches with them.
The booklets fits into the envelope at the back of my sketchbook!

Viviva Colorsheets are available on Indiegogo in their InDemand section
(, and after November on their website,

As it is Inktober, here is an initial drawing of CC’s posies:

CC offered up an intriguing floral image…
Middle-of-the-night.  I don’t know what these are.  Posies.
I like the way the petals are curling up turning them into stars.

Trying them out on the rough watercolor paper of Hahnemühle Post Cards.  They worked well.  Short on a good warm brown, and I had to work with pink and purple, no maroon.
I found I could change the leaf color slightly by the amount of paint I picked up and the amount of water — ALL the leaves are one green (other than the yellow-green stripe.)

Bottom line:

I found mixing colors difficult because they dry out quickly —
so no mixing other than dipping into one color then swashing over the next.
I like my paints clean so my persnickety nature about clean colors is problematic.
But I also can see these are great throw-it-in-your bag with a waterbrush and an impossibly small sketchbook so you’d NEVER be without paint!

* sssh… or stocking stuffers!*

☾ ☾ ☾

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10 Responses to Tools: Viviva Colorsheets and Hello Inktober

  1. Great review! These are the kind of thing that come in handy once in a great while, so it’s nice to know about them.


  2. thejaemac says:

    great review Katie, those look interesting especially in a book format. Even more enticing that they fit in the back folder of the sketchbook. :o)


  3. anne54 says:

    That’s such an interesting idea. It will be interesting to see how you go with them.


  4. Robyn Mixon says:

    Thanks for this review, and they are beautiful to look at as well. I got some for Christmas and I feel foolish asking the question–I have been unable to fill the waterbrush thru that tiny hole–what am I missing? How do I fill it? You did a good job with the colors–I found it a bit of a surprise on some of the colors–they look so different than the block.


    • I don’t know which waterbrushes you have… Mine unscrew — brush from the water storage — and then I can easily fill them under a tap running at a slower level (not a drip but not gushing). Some are filled using a squeeze method (which I don’t like). My favorite waterbrushes are the Pentel Aquash Water Brushes.


      • Robyn Mixon says:

        There is only a tiny hole on the brushes which came with these viviva sets–I’ll check out squeeze method–right now it’s a mystery and I have the Pentel brushes, but these are shorter, which is nice for carrying–thought I’d try them. Love your blog and work. Happy New Year Katie!


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