Tools: Da Vinci Watercolors

I was able to buy a couple of Da Vinci watercolors half-off with free shipping.

*i wanted to see if i liked them… nooo, not quite truthful…
i am a watercolor tube addict and could not stop myself…
i am going to Santa Barbara sometime soon and hope to score a tour!

i feel better now being honest with you.*

I picked three quinacridones because it is by far my favorite pigment.
Right out of the tube I played a bit to see the colors on a back page.  Very nice.

Their Alizarin Crimson is supposed to be amazing in that it is a light-fast alizarin.
It is a lovely color, used here with Matteo Grilli‘s Carmine for the deeper bloody red.
Da Vinci handled beautifully for the trial, and I layered it for deeper colors.

The Rose Dore is a keeper.  A beautiful coral color that layers beautifully.
I don’t have this color in any tube without mixing, and that is a boon,
especially as I become addicted to flower sketches in the
middle-of-the-night and don’t use white hardly ever.

All this made me want to look at the Quinacridone Gold
in comparison to other QG’s in my palette, and some that mimic QG.
They are not all keepers, and I like them for different reasons.
Holbein’s QG is by far my favorite, as it is creamy and smooth,
and works wonderfully in skin tones mixed with peach or pink (like the two shown above).
Constantly replacing tubes….

Daniel Smith’s QG and QG Burnt Orange are both keepers,
but they are granular by comparison and I don’t use them often.
Aussie Gold, which I was seduced into buying
*remember i am an addict and i was vulnerable in bed sick at the time*
is a mixture of PY 83 Diarylide Yellow, PR 101 Transparent Red Oxide,
PV 19 Quinacridone Red.  A keeper, though frivolous, because of its brilliance!
QoR QG Deep is a meh pigment, especially for the price,
and is in the Burnt Sienna family visually.
I’d reach for DS QG Burnt Orange, Sennelier’s 211 or Daniel Smith’s Pompeii instead.
Da Vinci’s QG is a keeper.  Smooth, lovely color, less yellow than Holbien’s.
I always have room for a good Quin Gold!

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15 Responses to Tools: Da Vinci Watercolors

  1. sunsetcliffs says:

    Thank you! This was helpful/enabling.


  2. simonfalk28 says:

    Oo! Pretty, they are.


  3. thejaemac says:

    AHHH, all that quin gold burnt oranges and siennas… they all mock me. I still always have trouble picking a favorite and sticking with it. Right now I’m trying out W&N transparent Sienna. We’ll see.


    • Yes… Apparently DS is discontinuing theirs because they’ve run out of that pigment. If I loved it more I’d stock up! I hate it when companies drop great colors. Quin colors in general always call to me.


  4. Loved your truthful thoughts! 🙂 The review is wonderful and very helpful. The colors of the flowers are gorgeous!


  5. gillena says:

    Gorgeous pieces. Have a good weekend

    Much 😍 love


  6. Liz Powley says:

    Wow, you have such knowledge of your materials. I own watercolours, but have hardly used them in comparison to my acrylics, mostly because I’m afraid of them 😀 so you have my admiration for using watercolours in the first place.

    A great breakdown of the colours that you bought and interesting that you use so many brands and know the best of each. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Happy PPF!

    Best wishes,


  7. These are really wonderful.


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