What I Did on My Painful Stent-cation

2015 6 16 ALL The Colors 004I am a watercolor hog!

I admit, I covet every single Daniel Smith Primatek color, and can’t stop buying greens!
I am however, trying to understand the chemistry of paints now and looking at
how close various colors are — I don’t want to duplicate paints.

I have this theory about paint charts and new paints.

When you take the time to integrate new colors and order your paint palette,
new paint colors will show up to screw with your finished chart!

Because I was recouping from the doctor from hell
(and kidney stone surgery mishaps)
I decided to thoroughly clean my paintbox.
I like my tools clean, and there were a lot of overloaded
drippy paints colors on most of the white holders.
A general multicolored ooze was slippery on the bottom of the tin.
I also put them into their lovely rainbow order — or close for a first pass.

I created my chart, below.

2015 6 16 ALL The Colors 001I used up a tube of Chinese white that had a split in it mixing a few pastels I might use
on the bottom row — I am not a pastel gurl but we do have painted ladies in Portland!
I was feeling quite content with myself, all organized!

The day I finished I was gifted with a care package from Cathy Johnson that included
six Yarka watercolor cakes — you can see the colors across the top, below!

2015 6 16 Cathy Johnson Gift 002My theory holds water, I tell you!  I’m not complaining —
I’ve wanted to try Yarka and the red-oranges are lovely and the sepia is GRAND!
I am not happy with my old Blick sepia, a color I use a lot!  The Yarka’s wet so nicely.

Cathy also sent me a teeny travel case (below) and I will now use it for the more opaque colors I want to travel with, and use my daily travel pan for the transparents.
Gads I have to figure out what my travel palette will be now that I have six more
colors to take!  I guarantee the Yarka Sepia is making the cut!

Also, the lovely Hotei Buddha is going onto my happy altar!

That may be the nicest gift of all . . .

2015 6 16 Cathy Johnson Gift 003Strathmore watercolor pad with  Platinum Carbon pen
and Daniel Smith, QoR, Sennelier, Holbein AND Yarka watercolors.


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6 Responses to What I Did on My Painful Stent-cation

  1. Dan Antion says:

    It’s always interesting to read about how people treat the tools of their trade.


  2. susanissima says:

    Impressive! Don’t show Robert!


  3. Sammy D. says:

    Only you could find the humor to call your ordeal a stent-cation 😉. So glad you can check that off the Bucket List from Hell.


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