Brushes: Stippling and Sprays

W14 11 LS Stipple Brush 2A last minute memory of having a stipple brush I rarely used with acrylics;
I searched for it in my box of things not used.  I tested it with watercolors.  The stipple brush with fairly wet watercolors (upper left cobalt turquoise paint splotches)looks a bit like a footprint.  Stipple works so-so with the dry brush straight up (lower left turquoise paint).  Turned on its side and flung with my thumb did a good spray pattern, but why?  A toothbrush works well (finer spray in purple), and a #8 round (orange paint) taps out a nice pattern.  I use the rounds and splatter large drops, and rarely use the toothbrush.

 Painted images in Stillman & Birn Alpha journal with a  Platinum Preppy fountain pen, and Polar Brown Noodlers ink. Various watercolor paint brands.


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9 Responses to Brushes: Stippling and Sprays

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Gorgeous life paintings, Katie. My bathroom mirror constantly has the toothbrush ‘paint splatters’ on it and I cannot figure out how it happens, but apparently I’m making art and didn’t know it. Does that get me out if cleaning the mirror ?!?


  2. Sammy D. says:

    These are beautiful life paintings, Katie!
    Apparently I’m a toothbrush artist and didn’t know it as my bathroom mirror is constantly coated with toothbrush ‘paint’ splatters. Does that get me out of cleaning the mirror ?!?


  3. Makes me want to use my toothbrush for something other than brushing my teeth. 😀

    I do love how you play with your materials and tools.


  4. I also like how the strawberries are as large as eggs. My kind of preferred perspective.


    • Funny, me too — especially as i am not a egg person. But in this case there are three kinds of eggs here,and two of them are smaller than a large strawberry (the Duck eggs are a bit bigger.) Our neighbor has some off birds, and two are a pair of chukars which showed up at his property and have stayed.


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